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Show Guide: 'It's Effin' Science'

Synopsis: The series is a spin-off from a segment of the G4 series, "Attack of the Show!." The series explores the weird, wild and off-beat side of science. The show features the hosts creating and demonstrating experiments that the everyday person could attempt themselves. Experiments can be over-the-top, like turning a pool party into a massive game of Battleship, or simple combinations of everyday objects and science basics that can help the viewer win bar bets you can't lose or build gadgets like homemade night vision goggles. The series' tagline states: "A full-on hack of science".

The Cast:
Angie Greenup: The Host
Marc Horowitz: The Guinea Pig
Chad Zdenek: The Science Guy

Production Credits:

The Episodes:
Season One Episode Guide (G4)
1-1 Episode One--06/15/2010
Hosts build a potato cannon, test pheromones at a pool party, and bar bets you can't lose.

1-02 Episode Two--06/22/2010
Hosts launch a porta-potty 100 feet in the air using sugar rockets, homemade vehicle anti-theft experiments, and drunk driving vs text driving.

1-03 Episode Three--06/29/2010
Hosts test which is more dangerous: a bullet or a chicken fired from a cannon; three ways to crack a safe; and cool living room gadgets.

1-04 Episode Four
Hosts test a rocket-powered skateboard, 3 different types of sonic boom and solar powered gadgets.

1-05 Episode Five--08/03/2010
The team hacks science to implode a tanker. Plus, Marc and Chad walk on a non-Newtonian liquid.

1-06 Episode Six--08/10/2010
Three different types of explosions are created: Combustion, Deflagration & Detonation. Plus, Marc scales the side of a building using only a vacuum cleaner.

1-07 Episode Seven--08/17/2010
The team recreates the Hindenburg explosion, Marc plays with static electricity and they send a dummy into space.

1-08 Episode Eight--08/24/2010
The effin'team builds homemade fireworks, burning magnesium, rainbow fireballs, Marc lights his farts and more bar bets you can't lose.

1-09 Episode Nine--08/31/2010
The team builds a fire hose jet pack, create a home made volcano, have fun in the bathroom and even more "Bets You Can't Lose".

1-10 Episode Ten--09/07/2010
On the season finale, the team launches a refrigerator and builds the world's fastest shopping cart.