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Show Guide: 'Falcon'

Synopsis: Javier Falcón is a Chief Inspector in the Seville police, a brilliant detective whose personal and professional life is compromised by dark secrets from the past in this ambitious and complex new series. Falcón himself is a complex and layered character, with a psychological darkness which mirrors the brutal darkness which surrounds him in Seville.  An innately sexual and charismatic character, Falcón is forceful and focussed, happy to ignore the distinction between the law and criminals and embrace his own flaws and addictions when he has stuff.

The hidden side of Falcón’s personality is matched by the darker, more visceral side of Seville; a dark and brutal place which lurks behind the creative and vibrant façade of the city. Set and filmed in and around Seville, the drama will show viewers a side to the city which they are unlikely to have seen before; Falcón’s Seville is shadowy, atmospheric but with a dynamic vibrancy and life.

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Show Guide: 'Food to Get You Laid'

Synopsis: Unlike most food shows, FOOD TO GET YOU LAID takes viewers away from studio kitchen sets and features real people, real relationships, real kitchens and real ingredients. Anyone can cook a meal in an industrial kitchen with the support of a full staff, but can they create a romantic meal in their own kitchen, using only the ingredients in their fridge and pantry? Expert chef Ronnie Woo guides the culinary wannabes and helps ensure that love fills their hearts and stomachs - and takes their relationship to the next level. (Courtesy Logo, 2015)

The Cast:
Chef Ronnie Woo as The Host

Production Credits:

The Episodes:
Season One Episode Guide (Logo)
1-01 Ayanna and David--08/14/2015
The series about culinary seductions begins with a busy couple who need to slow down and make quality time for one another.

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Show Guide: 'Farm Kings'

Synopsis: Join the King Family of Freedom Farms as they battle the elements — and each other — to provide the Pittsburgh region with the very freshest produce possible. Watch as Joe, the oldest of the ten King kids, manages brothers Tim, the head of produce, Pete, the "Human Harvester," Dan, the passionate wannabe-partner, and mom Lisa, to make sure the work gets done on a daily basis. From overnight bakery shifts and early-morning picking, to stripping down and selling their wares until sunset, the Kings will lay it all on the line each week to bring their customers fresh, local food - done right. But when you're in business with your family things are bound to get personal, so these Farm Kings will have to find a way to overcome their differences and balance the business and their family, or see it all come crashing down. (Courtesy GAC, 2015)

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Show Guide: 'The Family Tree'

Synopsis: Annie Benjamin (Anne Archer) a divorced woman with three children, who worked part-time selling real estate, meets and then marries Kevin Nichols (Frank Converse); a divorced owner of a lumber company with grown children of his own. Annie's children, who all lived with their mother, include oldest son, Sam (Martin Hewitt); Tess (Melora Hardin); and Toby (Jonathan Hall Kovacs) who is deaf. On Kevin's side of the family, he has, besides his teenaged son Jake (James Spader), a grown daughter, Molly Tanner (Ann Dusenberry), who herself was already married. Jake lives with his mother, Elizabeth (Joanna Cassidy); and Annie's children are still very close to their father, Dr. David Benjamin (Alan Feinstein). Much of the stories focus on the problems of the Benjamin children adjusting to Kevin being their stepfather. Of all three of Annie's children, it was Toby, the youngest, who was perhaps most upset about his mother's divorce from his father.

The Cast:
Anne Archer as Annie Benjamin Nichols
Frank Converse as Kevin Nichols
Jonathan Hall Kovacs as Toby Benjamin
Melora Hardin as Tess Benjamin
Martin Hewitt as Sam Benjamin
James Spader as Jake Nichols
Evan Ross as Josh Krebs

Production Credits:

The Episodes:
Season One Episode Guide (NBC)
1-01 Episode One--01/22/1983
Annie becomes overprotective of Toby when the house is burglarized while he's home alone; Sam resents Kevin's role as the man of the house.

1-02 Episode Two
Annie decides to attend an out-of-state funeral with her first husband against Kevin's wishes; Tess falls for a dancer.
Guest star: Michael Cummings as Dance Studio Owner.

1-03 Episode Three
Jake becomes romantically involved with Annie's best friend; Kevin avoids the task of learning sign language.
Guest star:  Cassie Yates as Elise.

1-04 Episode Four

1-05 Episode Five
Kevin tells his ex-wife that he is no longer legally bound to support her; Tess sneaks out on a date.
Guest star: Joanna Cassidy as Elizabeth Nichols.

1-06 Episode Six
Kevin's daughter shows up after leaving her husband; Tess's father offers a lame excuse to avoid coming to her birthday party.
Guest stars: Ann Dusenberry as Molly Nichols Tanner and Alan Feinstein as Dr. David Benjamin.

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Show Guide: 'Fat N' Furious: Rolling Thunder'

The boys of Christmas automotive are back, with faster cars and bigger appetites. These large-and-in-charge car junkies of Christmas Automotive continue to boost business by hunting down left-for-dead cars and bringing them back to life.

Owned and operated by Tommy Christmas, Christmas Automotive helps car owners with their need for speed. With business bigger than ever before, the gang is moving to a larger shop to keep up with demand. Tommy, along with his three best friends: Steve, Chuck and Andy, welcome a new generation of Christmas staff - Tommy's son and daughter, Jess and Nick, to rebuild these classic muscle cars and put the pedal to the metal on the track. Fixing up old cars is always challenging, but the faster the car, the fatter the pay check.

From rust buckets to rare tribute cars, Tommy can restore any car and get it ready for the race track. Hefty paychecks are in store for transforming these classic cars and Tommy is the best in the business. In the season premiere, Tommy and crew transform a ‘69 Fairlane into a Cobra Fairlane for a client whose dad passed away while they were building it. They also fix up a '68 Firebird for an overweight owner trying to claim bragging rights in a sibling rivalry with his brother.

Production Credits:
FAT N' FURIOUS: ROLLING THUNDER is produced for Discovery Channel by Gurney Productions where Scott Gurney and Deirdre Gurney are Executive Producers with Rick Sasson and John Stokel as Co-Executive Producers. Colby Gaines also serves as Executive Producer. Joseph Schneier is Executive Producer and Lisbeth Lozano is Coordinating Producer for Discovery Channel.