AccuWeather Taps Former Time Inc. Executive To Lead Multiplatform Global Sales

AccuWeather, the global leader in weather information, digital media and big data, today announced that Eric Danetz, former Senior Vice President and General Manager, Time Inc., has joined its Senior Executive Team as Global Chief Revenue Officer. Danetz will oversee all aspects of AccuWeather's revenue-generating products and services, and unify the sales structure internally for all AccuWeather business units, including digital and traditional media as well as AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions' business-to-business services. Danetz joins other significant recent additions including Senior Vice President of Sales Bill McGarry, former Chief Revenue Officer at The Daily Beast, and Advertising Sales Director Deirdre Daly-Markowski, former Executive Director of Digital at Hearst. 

"AccuWeather has been revolutionizing the way business is done with the confluence of AI, digital media and predictive and prescriptive analytics. Eric and his team will continue our extraordinary transformation as we define innovation with creative and revolutionary brand applications across all our platforms," said Dr. Joel N. Myers, Founder, President, and Chairman of AccuWeather. "This team is laser-focused on digital growth and with Eric's leadership, we will cultivate client relationships and drive results by educating brands and marketers about what AccuWeather can do for them that no one else can. We are pleased to have him as a critical addition to our leadership team as we continue to expand on a global scale."

AccuWeather is a digital media leader with the #1 mobile weather website in the world and expansive cross-platform reach that no other publisher provides, reaching nearly 2 billion people globally. 

"AccuWeather's record consumer loyalty levels, visit frequency, and retention rates have translated into high advertising demand from companies and brands excited to reach our desirable global audiences," said Eric Danetz, Global Chief Revenue Officer at AccuWeather. "By engaging AI, data analytics, partnerships and the best data scientists, AccuWeather delivers innovative new products that offer unique opportunities for advertisers and partners to reach their target audiences on any connected device."

AccuWeather's targeted, solution-based campaigns maximize the exclusive benefits of AccuWeather's massive multi-platform audience reach across award-winning mobile applications, web, mobile web, radio, television, newspapers, connected TVs, place-based media, and more.

"Our reach is massive, and we can isolate individuals, understand their habits and purchase behaviors, and leverage the power of weather with Superior Accuracy™ to help marketers meet the right consumers in a specific point of need," said Bill McGarry, Senior Vice President of Sales. "AccuWeather stands alone in a unique position to deliver the optimal message that is timely, contextually relevant, and more likely to be positively received.  We develop and foster strong client relationships through custom, data-driven advertising strategies exclusively available from AccuWeather tailored to meet agency partnership goals."

"It's not just about using AI and data analysis to optimize ad placement and gauge ad performance, but leveraging weather and other behavioral data to predict consumer behavior and needs as well," said Deirdre Daly-Markowski, Director, Advertising Sales at AccuWeather.

AccuWeather leverages predictive and prescriptive analytics services that use historical client data and AccuWeather historical weather data with Superior Accuracy to make predictions that help boost client sales and improve efficiency.

AccuWeather recently partnered with Swirl to introduce the industry's first integration of weather and indoor location data to enable retailers and brands to drive the highest in-aisle contextual relevance in mobile. By targeting content based on verified indoor locations, as well as weather conditions near a particular store, marketers can now deliver more relevant communications that drive higher levels of performance. For example, on days when pollen and allergen counts are forecasted to rise, a pharmacy chain can alert in-store shoppers to the upcoming weather condition and provide information and special offers on allergy relief products to shoppers in the medicine aisle.

"This is an exciting time to join AccuWeather," said Danetz. "Now is the time for marketers and brands to take advantage of everything AccuWeather has to offer and see how we can create custom solutions to meet their needs and exceed expectations."

Prior to joining AccuWeather, Danetz was Senior Vice President and General Manager, Time Inc. International, where he managed a multi-platform portfolio of more than 90 brands in 170 countries, published in 19 different languages. Other previous roles include Group Publisher of Fortune & Money, EVP, Chief Revenue Officer at Defy Media, and executive leadership positions at Newsweek, The Daily Beast, CBS Interactive, CNET and Ziff Davis.

SOURCE: Accuweather