Complex Networks Announces Five New Shows For go90

Complex Networks’ Rated Red announced series orders and premiere dates for five new shows debuting this summer on go90. From the outrageous Gnarkatz which follows Bo Mitchell (Eastbound and Down) and the antics of his real life skateboarding crew, to Boonies a scripted teen murder mystery with Calum Worthy and popular social media personality Amymarie Gaertner, the new slate of premium programming joins an ambitious Q3 roll out from Complex Networks that also includes previously announced Road to Race Day from Film 45 premiering throughout July and August on 


"The team at Complex Networks works hand-in-hand with our production partners to create strong, engaging content that represents our various brands all while respecting the creative process and allowing our talented partners the freedom to take chances. These series are a testament to that model's success, and we look forward to working together on future seasons and projects with these individuals," Justin Killion, GM of Premium Content, Complex Networks.


We could not be more excited for the additions to the go90 platform in Q3,” said Ivana Kirkbride, Chief Content Office, go90. "Our partnership with Complex Networks’ Rated Red and their series like QB1 and Road To Race Day appeal directly to our viewers’ interests.” 


Rated Red, a multi-platform digital channel aimed at Heartland millennials, is Complex Networks’ newest and fastest growing vertical with month over month increases. The channel has over 1.5 million social media followers and 321 million cross-platform content impressions. Rated Red distributes premium series via its relationship with go90 and is launching popular short form programming like Combo Nation where personalities sample fast food combo deals, Red Hot Building, and Unsigned on its YouTube and social channels.


Complex Networks, the youth culture media company, develops and distributes premium programming and short form YouTube series across its popular channels Complex, Rated Red, First We Feast, Collider, Sole Collector and Pigeons and Planes. The channels collectively generate over 3 billion content impressions each month and achieved nearly 2 billion video views in the first quarter of 2017.


The new premium series launching on go90 include:



(Episodes: 24, 9-minute episodes)


Social media star Brodie Smith, ultimate frisbee trick shot superstar, is on a massive road trip, exploring unusual destinations and trying out the coolest and most unconventional sports the U.S. has to offer – from Quidditch to Flaming Tetherball to Archery Tag. With some falls and wipeouts along the way, Brodie gets a crash course in these underground sports from the innovators themselves. After some hands-on coaching, Brodie will challenge the pros (and his new friends) in their own game.


For the Win is executive produced by Nick Shore and Cassidy Lunnen for Astronauts Wanted; Brodie Smith; Justin Killion for Complex Networks. Showrunners are James Greco and Jeffrey Schmidt.



(Episodes: 12, 10-minute)

On the eve of graduation in Boone, Texas, five disparate seniors – once childhood best friends – are united by a dead classmate’s cryptic video which forces them to embark on a twisted and thrilling treasure hunt inside the haunted halls of Boone High School.


The show stars Amymarie Gaertner (Dance Camp), Andi Matichack (Underground), Calum Worthy (Austin & Ally), Cody Ko (Thoughts), Kyle Jones (Masters of Sex), and Lauren Elizabeth, with supporting roles from Cameron Neckers, Chris Galya (Jesse), Gigi Zumbado (Pitch Perfect 2), and Wyntergrace Williams.


Boonies is written and directed by Brad T. Gottfred, executive produced by Jason Berger and Amy Laslett for Kids at Play; and Justin Killion for Complex Networks. 



(Episodes: 40, 9-minute)


Every episode of American Down Low is an all-access pass to the secret events and subcultures taking place in America. Seen through the eyes of a group of friends, cameras go deep inside these worlds. From a competitive ice racing league on the frozen lakes of Wisconsin to several mixed martial arts fighters who train on a secret farm in North Carolina to a crew of twenty outlaw skateboarders tearing up Texas. This is America like you've never seen before.


American Down Low is executive produced by Rob Shaftel and co-executive produced by Jack Cole and Daryl Doeschner for Hit + Run; and Justin Killion and Melanie Moreau for Complex Networks



(24, 7 to 9-minute episodes)


Actor, entrepreneur, and skater Bo Mitchell (Eastbound & Down) and his crew (aka the Gnarkatz and B-Team) have known each other for most of their lives and always have each other’s backs—or at least a camera to capture all the gnarly accidents, non-stop stunts and embarrassing moments, while creating videos for social media, the skating scene or their own amusement. From the streets and back roads of small-town Aiken, South Carolina, to Bo’s own indoor skate park to a man-made mud pit, the Gnarkatz are always daring each other to do dangerous or disgusting deeds, attempting outrageous skating tricks, or pushing the boundaries of good taste and common sense, as they pull off hilarious and often hazardous pranks and feats. And when things get really crazy or competitive, someone could end up spinning the “Wheel of Sus” and be forced to do some inconceivable acts that no one should ever try at home…or would even want to.


Gnarkatz is executive produced by Brian Graden, Dave Mace and Ryan Crow from Graden Media; and Justin Killion and Melanie Moreau from Complex Networks.



(16, 11-minute episodes)

Extreme sports are taken to a new level as two young fishermen explore lake towns around the country on a quest for the biggest bass. Each expedition is filled with exciting challenges as these diverse bass masters redefine the face of fishing. This is not your grandpa’s fishing show.


Breaking Bass is executive produced by Lauren Lexton and Joe Correll for Authentic Entertainment, Justin Killion and Rod Grable for Complex Networks.