Movies And Specials: 'Because He's My Friend'

Synopsis: An American military man moves his family to Australia to undergo training in submarine warfare, providing new challenges for his wife and their developmentally disabled son.

The Cast:
Karen Black as Anne
Keir Dullea as Eric
Jack Thompson as Geoff
Tom Oliver as Ian
Barbara Stephens as Meg
Don Reid as Commander Lacey
Warwick Poulsen as Peter
June Salter as Val
Tony Wager as Navy Doctor
Michael Long as Matt
Thomas J. McCarthy as Sam (as Tom McCarthy)
Ray Meagher as Kevin
Kevin Howard as Officer No. 1
Barry Donnelly as Planesman
Alan Faulkner as Seaman No. 1

Production Credits:
Written by: Peter Schreck, Pamela Stone

Directed by: Ralph Nelson

It premiered in November, 1978.