Movies And Specials: 'Highland: Scotland's Wild Heart'


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The series has been produced by Maramedia, which made the acclaimed "Hebrides – Islands On The Edge."

The Episodes (BBC)
1-01 Spring - The Season Of Extremes--08/05/2016
The episode opens with the hills on fire as the annual muir-burn takes place in the Cairngorms. As the flames rise, an osprey is returning to a valley near Loch Ness. Filmed for the first time in super slow-motion at 800 frames per second, every detail of the bird’s incredible fishing behaviour is revealed as never before. Red squirrels and roe deer are also preparing for the breeding season, while a cataclysmic downpour has major consequences for a family of dippers. These small and plucky birds nest under waterfalls, and when their home river turns into a thundering torrent, they’re forced to fledge early before the nest is swept away.