Movies And Specials: 'Cookin' With Salt-N-Pepa'

Cheryl "Salt" James and Sandra "Pepa" Denton are back on the road in a big way, and when they are touring, there is only one thing that Salt and Pepa love almost as much as! Every free moment on the road is spent searching for new mouthwatering experiences.  They venture to three local hot spots in the city they are performing, one hand-picked by Salt who loves down-home cooking that reminds her of family and tradition, another selected by Pepa, who wants everything on the spicier side - the food, the people and the atmosphere, and a third destination is a spot suggested by a friend, a family member or even a fan!

For their trip to Los Angeles, Salt picks hip eatery My Two Cents, for its chic rustic vibe and elevated Southern-inspired cuisine. They travel to Santa Monica for Pepa's pick, Cha Cha Chicken, for delicious Caribbean fare like jerk chicken and a funky island vibe. They finish the trip at Grub in Hollywood, to sample their quirky twists on comfort food favorites. (Courtesy  Cooking Channel, 2015)

It premieres on the Cooking Channel on Thursday, December 17th, 2015.