Movies And Specials: 'Our Year of Extremes - Did Climate Change Just Hit Home?'

Synopsis: In a special one hour documentary, NBC News' Ann Curry reports there is virtually no debate among climate scientists: 97 percent now believe climate change is real and the warming is largely caused by human activity. A year in the making, and less than a week after stunning predictions about the future from the influential Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, "Our Year of Extremes - Did Climate Change Just Hit Home?," takes viewers on a journey to the Arctic at the top of the world, to drought stricken regions in the American West, to the edge of rising seas in Florida, and into extreme weather events all over the globe.

The report features ordinary people who say their experiences convince them - they are eyewitnesses to climate change, including the Inuit in Greenland, and the victims of Hurricane Sandy.  We also hear from some of the world's top climate scientists who explain whether there is a link between climate change and extreme storms, like the deep freeze this past winter in places like Atlanta.  They also tell us how to get ready for what some call the new normal.

"If climate scientists are right, we could face a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions," said Curry.  "We owe it to our children to put politics aside, and weigh the latest scientific evidence for ourselves.  Our report aims to give our viewers a chance to do just that."

Production Credits:
David Corvo is the Senior EP, Liz Cole is EP; Justin Balding, Liz Brown, Anthony Galloway, Tim Sandler and Andrew Tkach are producers.

It premiered on NBC on Sunday, April 6th, 2014.