Movies And Specials: 'More Travels With Flip'

Synopsis: The hour-long special included guests stars Roy Rogers, jockey Willie Shoemaker, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, The Los Angeles Lakers, The San Diego Chargers and illusionist Mark Wilson.

Each of the special's four acts take off from a "rap session" between Wilson and the student body of the San Mateo, California High School. He tells them he is rediscovering America and recounts the "true" story of how Queen Isabella sent Columbus to "Find America and Ray Charles." Fans of Wilson will be familiar with the story from his stand-up days, but it's a good jumping off point for the segments.

Wilson tries out for the Lakers and the Chargers, hangs out with Roy Rogers, tries his hand at being a jockey with Willie Shoemaker and as Geraldine is sawed in half when he/she visits the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Production Credits:
Written by Flip Wilson, Lee Mendelson and Herbert Baker.

It premiered on CBS on March 19th, 1976