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  • Written by Rick Ellis

YouTube Makes Changes To Creator Program

YouTube is making more changes to the metrics necessary for video creators to be part of the  YouTube Partner Program (YPP). That program allows creators to earn ad revenue from their videos. The company is also changing the threshold for creators who want to be part of the Google Preferred ad tier, which packages top channels for advertisers to buy against at a premium price.

Last April, YouTube announced creators would have to have 10,000 lifetime views to be part of YPP. Beginning today, creators now have to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the past year. The company says that 99 percent of the creators impacted by the changes earned less than $100 from their videos in 2017.

Creators who don't meet the new threshold will be removed from the YPP on February 20, but will be paid for the ad revenue earned by their videos through that date.

The changes to the Google Preferred ad tier are even more sweeping. Advertisers are being promised that beginning in February, Google Preferred ads will only run on videos that have been vetted for content by an actual person.

Despite the changes, YouTube says the video platform is still a lucrative choice for creators, with the number of channels pocketing six-figure salaries increasing over 40% year-over-year.