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  • Written by Rick Ellis

Wendy Williams Faints On The Air During Talk Show

One of the staples of daytime television on Halloween is the sight of talk show hosts wearing some goofball Halloween costume. Usually, the only danger is to the host's credibility or sense of self-worth. But host Wendy Williams took her Halloween spectacle to a new level by fainting on Tuesday's show.

The 53-year-old syndicated talk show host was dressed on the show as the iconic Statue of Liberty, a costume which included high heels and a green wig. She wore the costume the entire episode, including during her top-of-the-show "Hot Topics" gossip segment and in her interview with actor Jerry O'Connell. But with about ten minutes left in the hour-long show, she introduced a segment entitled "How You Doing? Halloween Costume Contest." But as she read the introduction, Williams began to slur her words and sway back and forth before falling to the ground. Crew rushed to her side and the show went to commercial. She returned just before the hour ended, explaining she had gotten hot.

A spokesperson for Williams later told People Magazine that the fainting spell was "not a stunt" and she blamed the incident on the costume's material and weight, which caused her to overheat.

The irony of the situation is that t the beginning of the hour, Williams had complained about Halloween, explaining that she was celebrating the holiday "under duress," and that dressing up for Halloween was "so not my thing."