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  • Written by Rick Ellis

DirecTV To Launch An Android-Based OTT Set-Top Box

DirecTV is getting ready to launch a new TV set-top box that’s based on Google’s Android TV platform. The set Top ditches satellite connectivity for over-the-top streaming, according to a new FCC filing. According to a new FCC filing, the set top box would appear to be part of a DirecTV effort to move at least some current satellite customers to an over-the-top streaming platform.

The new device is being described by the company as "the new AT&T/DirecTV Wireless 4K OTT Client." Codenamed the C71KW (or The Osprey), the box comes with a remote that includes a built-in touchpad, voice recognition and Bluetooth connectivity. According to documents included with the filing, the set-top box will offer a picture-in-picture capability and the ability for customers to "access services anywhere, anytime and on any device." It will also be compatible with HD and 4K televisions.

A few other facts can be gleaned from the FCC filing. The Osprey won't be compatible with the existing Genie DVR servers. And there is also a mention of an upcoming set-top box described as the "future HS27."