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MGM Launches Faith-Based OTT Service With Roma Downey Jr.


Following the recent launch of its Stargate-focused streaming service, MGM is set to launch yet another over-the-top service, this one targeting the faith-based community.

The company has partnered with Roma Downey and Mark Burnett for the launch of LightWorkers.com, an online video destination for "uplifting and encouraging" short-form digital and social content. The free ad-supported service includes tutorials on gift-giving, documentaries on people who’ve overcome tragedy, and shows for cooking and spiritual advice.

The service will have more than 20 original series at launch, including Brooklyn Wagner series "Welcome To Brooklyn," bestselling author Michelle McKinney Hammond’s advice Series “Tough But Fair;" and a series on thoughtful gift-giving hosted by Julianna Strickland and Natasha Feldman.

Much of the content is centered around faith-based themes targeting Christians who find traditional Christian TV programming too centered on raising money. These Christian-centric shows include "A Taste Of Grace," which follows children’s pastor Seth Dahl as he shares the lessons that he has learned since recovering from drug abuse and finding his faith; "I Struggle. I Rise," which profiles key influencers in entertainment, sports, and ministry and  "Truth Mark," where a husband and wife youth ministry team share their experiences through slam poetry.

"LightWorkers has sparked a movement on social media, where we've been able to engage across different platforms sharing positive messages of hope and encouragement. We need these inspirational messages now more than ever," said Downey, President of LightWorkers Media. "My motto has always been that it's better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. My hope is that LightWorkers.com will invite others to do the same, inspiring them to shine their own light within their communities to remind us that there are good people doing extraordinary things everywhere."

"MGM has a rich history of award-winning storytelling and we are launching LightWorkers.com with the mission to share the good and inspiring stories happening around us, in a time when we are inundated by negativity in the news," said Kevin Conroy, President of Digital and New Platforms at MGM.

Here is a more detailed rundown of the key series that will be available at launch:

37 Seconds of Good News 
Even though there's craziness in the world, there are always organizations and individuals doing extraordinary things and trying to make a difference. This series gives good news a more prominent platform to brighten people's days and inspire them to share the good. From a 101-year-old skydiving grandpas to community refrigerators designed to eliminate food waste while feeding the hungry, we guarantee that this series will bring hope to your feed and a smile to your face.

Tough But Fair with Michelle McKinney Hammond
Bestselling author and expert life and relationship coach Michelle McKinney Hammond provides a quick-talking, 45-second burst of actionable advice to live a better life, be a better friend, have more success in love and think positively through life's challenges in this 16-episode series. Michelle is tough but fair—the motivator you never knew you always needed.

I Struggle. I Rise. 
These profiles of key influencers in entertainment, sports and ministry reveal what they've learned from overcoming obstacles in their lives. Interview subjects include fashion blogger and model Lauren Scruggs, pastors and authors Chad and Julia Veach and boxer and WBC champion Heather Hardy. No matter how tragic the story, these mini-docs provide a feeling of hope and inspiration to viewers struggling with their own life challenges.

Giftable is a series of thoughtful DIYs featuring Julianna Strickland and Natasha Feldman, two best friends who have mastered the art of gift-giving. One part cooking series and one part creative gift box inspiration, the results are what Pinterest and Instagram were made for: unique, adorable and full-of-personality presents that will make you want to be more thoughtful for the loved ones in your life.

Celebrity Interviews 
You might think you know your favorite celebrity, but you've never seen them like this. Our interview series goes beyond the standard line of questioning, getting to the heart of what makes a person tick, from their unique perspective on life to their work ethic and everything in between.

In My Day 
Everyone has something to share, but in our world where news travels at the speed of a tweet, the stories of the Baby Boomer and Silent generations are a bit more analog than what we're used to. This series captures the insights and intelligence of regular people through compelling storytelling, ensuring that our generations and the ones still to come will have a direct line to connect with the wisdom of their elders.

Aaron and Viergeni White, a husband and wife youth ministry team, share their unique 
perspective in two-minute spoken word slam poetry performances, covering everything from happiness in the age of consumerism to the joys of parenthood.

Welcome to Brooklyn 
Oregon native Brooklyn Wagner has a lot to say – about people, relationships and celebrating the small things - in this quirky, stream-of-consciousness peek inside her delightfully realistic and optimistic brain.

The Golden Rule 
From inner city teens giving their time to keep their neighborhoods clean, to "volunteer cuddlers" who spend their days with babies in the NICU, this uplifting series spotlights everyday people doing extraordinary things. This is life by the Golden Rule – to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Do you have an attitude for crafting? Even the most DIY-phobic among us won't be able to resist this delightfully inspiring series designed to take the guesswork out of answering the age-old question: What should I do with my kids today? Each episode shows simple step-by-step instructions for a unique hands-on craft, noting which important skills it will also teach the little ones. Craft on!

Get Read 
For anyone who thinks it's taboo to discuss religion, this thoughtful book club series will change your mind. Our diverse and passionate panel tackles tough issues from classics and new releases alike, all while pulling out the practical teachings from each of the books they've read. Their conversations are real – never preachy – and they're the perfect entry point to starting your own deliberations with friends and chiming in on ours on social.

Welcome to Adulting 
New York Times bestselling author, new mom and record-holding former women's soccer player at LSU, Mo Isom gives viewers an unfiltered peek at just how messy life can be when you're playing hard and juggling a lot of balls. She gives 2-minute snippets of her life as a speaker, blogger, wife and mom in this new series.

Office Guinea Pigs 
You've seen it, you've heard about it, you've probably Googled it to get the real scoop… if you're curious about a bizarre new beauty product, our office guinea pigs have done the dirty work for you. Watch, cringe, laugh, share, rinse and repeat - from bubbling face masks to charcoal toothpaste to female face shaving (yes, it's a thing), we'll try anything. And yes, we all actually work at LightWorkers… if you thought your office bonding rituals were weird, we'll bet they don't ask you to show off your blackheads to the world!

The Brekkie Series 
The Brekkie Series proves that easy doesn't have to be unhealthy. Take back the most important meal of the day, and let's make breakfast good again – together! Host Kara Elise is a pro at making any kitchen novice feel comfortable and empowered to throw out the recipes and make what tastes good to them. This series combines nutritional lessons with breakfast how-tos – from chia seed pudding and overnight oats to a full-blown brunch for friends - to start your day off right, every day.  

A Taste of Grace 
International speaker, blogger and children's pastor Seth Dahl shares the lessons that he has learned since recovering from drug abuse and finding his faith. In this 15-episode series, Dahl discusses becoming a parent and gives viewers a moral of the story that doesn't feel forced or fake. His authentic delivery, in just over one minute, and adorable children make these teachings easily digestible and infinitely helpful.

I Love My Goofy Pet 
No matter how silly your pet is, there's really no love like the love you have for your furriest family members. This funny series of shorts features peculiar pets and the owners that adore them.

An Ode To… 
This series features short-form, eye-catching video love letters to niche things we love. From French fries to donuts, these videos are as full of comedic personality as they are of crave-worthy visuals.

The Good Race  
Matt Brown is an evangelist, author and co-founder of the non-profit Think Eternity, a digital and live event movement that brings the gospel to millions of people each year. Although short, his one-minute messages help answer some of life's deepest questions to guide you in the journey of faith.

Animal Classroom 
Yes, animals are adorable and awe-inspiring wonders of nature, but they're also really wonderful teachers. Dogs are fiercely loyal, penguins have fascinating mating rituals and meerkats… well, meerkats are just hilarious to watch. This series spotlights the important life lessons that pets and wild animals can teach us. Class is now in session!

Dad Does Lunch 
Featured on "Good Morning America," The Lunchbox Dad Beau Coffron is a host and food blogger who specializes in creative recipes to spice up your kid's lunch. Each episode wraps up with a lesson in modern parenting, including patience, problem-solving and slowing down to appreciate life's everyday moments.

Totally Accurate History! 
Kids say the darndest things! This series is like the G-rated version of the ever-hilarious "Drunk History,"instead giving kids the spotlight to tell their versions of how things happened. From explaining the extinction of the dinosaurs to detailing the bizarre history of the waffle, these precocious teachers are way more entertaining than a textbook… and maybe even a tiny bit right.