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  • Written by Rick Ellis

Hulu, Spotify Offers Students A $5 Bundled Streaming Service

Video streaming service Hulu and music streaming service Spotify are teaming up on a deal where some U.S. college students can now get monthly subscriptions to both services for a total of $5 a month.

That’s a significant discount, as Spotify’s “Premium for Students” service normally costs $5, and Hulu’s basic ad-supported service costs $8 a month. The discounted offering is available to new and existing Spotify student subscribers. Students enrolled in U.S. Title IV accredited colleges or universities must access the deal by registering for a Spotify account or selecting the plan via their existing accounts. 

"We're very excited to be partnering with Hulu — a like-minded company which is as focused as we are on delivering the very best in high-quality streaming content," said Alex Norstrom, chief premium business officer at Spotify. Added Tim Connolly, senior vp and head of distribution and partnerships at Hulu, "by bundling our enormous catalogues of content toether in a single, highly compelling offer, we're making it easier for people to enjoy all of hte TV and music they love, whenever and wherever they want." 

Both services have worked with other companies to bundle their offerings before: Hulu has a deal to sell subscriptions to Showtime and the New York Times will give new digital subscribers a year of Spotify for free.

Subscription video giveaways aren’t new, either: Yesterday, T-Mobile said it would give away Netflix subscriptions to wireless customers who paid it at least $80 a month.

According to Hulu, the company plans to offer other bundled streaming deals in the future, some of them targeting a "wider pool of customers."