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HBO Hackers Release Another Group Of Stolen Files

The hackers who claim to have stolen up to 1.5 terrabytes of data from HBO have released another data dump of files, including production schedules, shooting diaries and other info.

This round of files doesn't seem to include any unaired episodes, although AllYourScreens is still examining the material. But it does include a detailed production schedule for the second season of "Westworld," a number of production diaries and other notes from upcoming episodes of "Game Of Thrones" and what appear to be email dumps of several mid-level HBO employees.

A link to a web page containing the files was sent to journalists this afternoon from someone identifying themselves as Mr. Smith. "If history repeats itself," the email noted, "HBO may NEVER be the same Again. Winter Really is here."

The hackers have been demanding around $6.5 million in Bitcoin from HBO in exchange for not leaking additional files, but late last week the network stated it would no longer communicate with the hackers and refused to pay any sort of "ransom."