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  • Written by Rick Ellis

SEGA Ends Sonic The Hedgehog Partnership With Archie Comics

In some ways, the "Sonic The Hedgehog" comic book series has been a bit of an anachronism. It's run uninterrupted for nearly 25 years without a reboot and despite a lot of changes in the Sonic franchise, it retains its somewhat retro look.

But rumors of a change in the series has been in the wind for months. Some upcoming issues as well as planned spin-off books had been delayed or canceled. And while Archie Comics had not publicly commented on the delays, the company had made some moves that hinted at a cancellation. A planned title for Comic Book Day was pulled and subscription options for the comic had been pulled.

SEGA made it future plans official Wednesday evening, when it posted this brief message to its Twitter account:

The timing of the announcement - just days before the start of the San Diego Comic-Con - hint at the possibility of SEGA making an announcement about the future of Sonic this weekend.