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  • Written by Rick Ellis

No, You Misguided People. 'Last Man Standing' Was Not Canceled For Political Reasons

The problem with most conspiracy theories is that while they might sound believable at first glance, they tend to fall apart once you investigate them a bit. And if there's one thing nearly all bad conspiracy theories have in common, it's that they began with someone slapping together a few half-baked facts and declaring it "all makes sense."

While it's not quite as idiotic a show business conspiracy theory as the "Stevie Wonder is only pretending to be blind" idea, this week's "Tim Allen's conservative beliefs led to the cancellation of 'Last Man Standing'" is pretty freaking stupid.

Sure, it sounds vaguely believable if you're a conservative who believes Hollywood is comprised of 99 percent liberals. You look at the fact that "Last Man Standing" was still getting decent ratings (relatively speaking) and you remember that star Tim Allen is not just conservative, but publicly outspoken about his beliefs. So you say to yourself, "AH HA! Those Liberal Hollywood Bastards!" Then you spend the next few hours complaining about it on social media.

But you're wrong.

Oh, I'm sure Hollywood can be an uncomfortable place at times to be a conservative. But if you know anything about Hollywood, you already know that making money for the networks/studios almost always wins over some star's political beliefs or personal flaws. 

"Last Man Standing" wasn't picked up for another season for some very valid business reasons. ABC decided to get out of the comedy business on Friday nights, which was one of the reasons the network also canceled "Dr. Ken." ABC also doesn't own "Last Man Standing," which means that there is no reason to keep the show on the air in order to crank out episodes for syndication and streaming. ABC has made as much money as they are going to from the show. And given that the ratings this season were just okay, there's really no financial upside for ABC to order another season.

But if you don't believe the numbers, consider this additional fact. If ABC wants to punish conservatives for their beliefs, why did the just order a reboot of "Roseanne?" Not only is Roseanne Barr a vocal Trump supporter, she's a pretty loathsome person to deal with on a daily basis. ABC made the call because they believe they can make some money.

And if there is anything conservatives should know, it's that the bottom line of any business is really what matters.