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  • Written by Rick Ellis

Dan Harmon On Faith, Politics And Fear

I generally loathe stories that are essentially nothing but a string of tweets. It's lazy journalism and the posts don't add much to the discussion. But this thread from Dan Harmon deserves special treatment.

It's notable on a number of levels. You don't often hear someone in the entertainment industry talk about faith in this way. He makes an effort to connect with Trump supporters in a fashion that I don't think anyone has attempted. It's impressive to read and it's the type of missive I wish could be read in churches and to Republicans who believe the Left doesn't understand the importance of faith in their lives and political point of view.

I spent a lot of years as a stand-up before i decided to focus on writing. And this is the type of discussion I miss the most from those years. Sitting up wired after a show, talking intensely about things both important and idiotic.