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Panasonic Previews 'Companion' Robot With Kids Voice

Panasonic Corporation of North America is at the Consumer Electronic Show this week, and one of the proofs on concept its showing off is what it describes as a "companion" robot. It's about the size of a kitchen blender and has a "child-like" voice which is supposed to make it seem more friendly.

The robot is equipped with a Wi-Fi network function that accesses artificial intelligence-based natural language processing technology. This enables it to communicate in a clear, friendly way. The robot is able to access and use cloud data, and communicate with those in other locations. Thanks to its embedded projector, the robot can be used for distance learning and other purposes. The robot is about the size of a standard kitchen countertop blender.

It's hard to tell much from the video, but it does seem to walk that line between creepy and entertaining.