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  • Written by Rick Ellis

This Is Why People Hate Your Website: CNN Money Edition

In general, any video window that includes video that autostarts when you visit the page is annoying. But old video that autostarts is even worse.

Websites like autostart video because they can pump up their video ads numbers simply by making it more difficult for visitors to hit the pause button. But those autostart ads also are a bad deal for advertisers, who end up paying for ad views that aren't real. Because if you didn't select the video to play, you're not going to pay any attention to the video ad that streams as you visit the page.

Some larger media sites such as CNN and HitFix goose their video numbers up by plopping a large autoplaying video window above the text story. It's good for the site video numbers and even if there isn't an ad in the video, the increased view number can be pitched to potential advertisers.

One of the many problems with the idea is that it's impossible to manually select an appropriate video for each new story on the website. So most sites use keywords and other algorithms to match the video to the story.
That can lead to some embarrassing situations, especially when you have a keyword that doesn't offer up a lot of potential video choices. I'm guessing that was the case with this story, a solid piece from CNN's Dylan Byers about Melania Trump's threat to sue some media organizations. The story was headlined by a month-old video report that recounted the explanation of why parts of Melania Trump's convention speech seem to be plagiarized. Even worse, the video is billed as "breaking news."

Darn technology.

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