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  • Written by Rick Ellis

Pick Three: Today's Media Stories Worth Reading - 07/14/2016

Every day, we pick three media-related stories we think you should read. These are generally not long reads, but instead lesser-covered topics that deserve some extra love.

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1) Does CNN Have A Racism Problem?

Lucia Martinez writes on Medium that CNN has a racism problem. What she really means by that is that the network has a problem because it gives airtime to former NYPD detective Harry Houck, who she says repeatedly argues that blacks are prone to criminal behavior and often refers to blacks who are arrested as "thugs" on social media:

Earlier this week, on the show New Day, Houck claimed that Black people are “prone to criminality.” This is a flat-out lie, yet anchor Chris Cuomo did little to question or negate Houck’s racist assertion.

The discussion in question was about racism in police departments in the aftermath of the murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. The other guests were Morehouse professor and CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill and former NYPD Chief of Department Philip Banks. All possibility of conversation was derailed when Houck went on a racist diatribe only a few minutes into the conversation.

Houck used "statistics" that were supposedly from "the NYPD" to back up his racist claim. Moderator Chris Cuomo didn’t question the source or validity of Houck’s numbers; instead, he supported Houck, saying police interact with Black people more "… because of socioeconomics and criminality."

2) The 8 Greatest Films That Were Never Made

City Pages has a list of what it claims are eight great unmade motion pictures, and while it doesn't include Nicholas Cage as "Superman," it does note Stanley Kubrick's plan to produce "Lord Of The Rings" starring The Beatles:

The Lord of the Rings, starring the fucking Beatles, who by 1967 were still contractually obligated to make one more movie (after A Hard Day’s Night and Help!). Kubrick’s LotR never went beyond discussions but, tantalizingly, the Beatles knew who they wanted to play: Paul would be Frodo, Ringo would be Sam, John would be Gollum, and George would be Gandalf. It probably would have been a campy clusterfuck (the Beatles were terrible actors), but that’s one of the things that makes unmade films so appealing: They never have to prove themselves.

3) More Reporters Standing In Water

While flooding can be a disaster for the general public, it's also a chance for television reporters to get a great live shot. From their perspective, it's even better if the live shot includes some sort of action.

Minnesota Public Radio's Bob Collins has compiled the latest roundup of local Twin Cities TV reporters who have decided that walking through the flood waters is somehow a inventive editorial decision:

KARE 11 went with the full-Cabela’s approach and for added effect, staged the 10 p.m. report next to a boat. An empty boat. A boat in which a reporter could’ve stood. But then we wouldn’t have understood what he was talking about. This is the only way to know the water was knee high by the 13th of July.