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  • Written by Rick Ellis

'Mr. Robot' Tops List Of Today's Most Downloaded TV Shows: 07/13/2016

Every day we provide a daily quick look at the most popular TV titles on a dozen top filesharing web sites. Each day's list will include the top 10 titles, based on the stats we've aggregated that day. After a bit of experimentation, we've determined that compiling the top list from the last 24 hours offers the most accurate look. While this isn't a scientifically rigorous compilation, we do think it reflects the overall trend of today's filesharing activity. We've also aggregated numbers from the various file formats and names into this single list.

We don't endorse filesharing and don't post this info for any reason other than to give readers a sense of what is being shared online. These lists will hopefully add to your understanding of the TV industry and the challenges it is facing.

#1 Mr. Robot S02E01

#2 Zoo S02E04

#3 Deadliest Catch S12E15

#4 My Worst Job S01E01

#5 Thunderbolt Fantasy S01E01

#6 12 Monkeys S02E12

#7 Brain Dead S01E04

#8 Wentworth S04E10

#9 Hunters S01E13

#10 Rizzoli & Isles S07E06