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  • Written by Rick Ellis

Review: 'Rush: Inspired By Battlefield'

Verizon-owned mobile content company Go90 has rolled out a new original series based on the videogame "Battlefield" franchise and based on the first two episodes, it's main audience is likely to be people familiar with the games and looking for another look into that universe.

"Rush: Inspired By Battlefield," was created by Hollywood directors Niko Pueringer and Sam Gorski, who are best known for their YouTube channel and web series "Sync." They have a lot of experience in producing products on a tight budget and the production team combo of special effects wizards Corridor Digital ("Minecraft: The Last Minecart") and Studio 71 have given them a high budget look to build on.

The series centers around a team of U.S. Special Ops soldiers who are sent behind enemy lines to covertly track down three caches of the bad guy's gold and destroy them. They find themselves quickly squaring off against a violent band of mercenaries who have their own plans for the gold.

Episodes one and two premiered on September 20th, with new episodes premiering each week. The good news is that these episodes have that slightly twitchy but slickly produced look that players of "Battlefield" will find very familiar. There appears to be plenty of budget for soldiers and their equipment and the result is a short-form series that looks as good as anything you'll watch on a mobile device.

The bad news is that the series starts slowly. Episode one runs 11 minutes and a fair amount of that is the set-up and exposition for the series. It's not boring, but the most excitement in episode one comes from an earthquake that hits the bad guy headquarters in Chechna. Luckily, episode two is much stronger, with much of it centered around a firefight in the woods following the destruction of the good guy's helicopter.

Ultimately, while I enjoy what I've seen so far, I'm likely to wait until a few more episodes are available before I watch more. This strikes me a series that is really a B-movie chopped into ten-minute hunks. Some web series can shrug off the impact of the need to chop it all up into easily digestible pieces. But this film is not one of those.

The "Rush: Inspired by Battlefield" cast includes Lou Ferrigino, Jr., Mark Ford, Jeff Schine, Vlada Verevko, Stephen Chang (Emma Approved), Aqueela Zoll, Brak Little and Steven Ogg  (Grand Theft Auto V).