5 Best Lines: 'Dr. Ken' - 01/08/2016

In the episode entitled "Delayed In Honolulu," The Park family are in the airport on their way home from Hawaii when their flight is delayed for several hours. Ken has an interaction with Dr. Oz that goes awry — and then needs to get the famous TV doctor to switch airplane seats with him.  Meanwhile, Allison gets overly involved in Molly’s love life and accidentally breaks up with her boyfriend via text message, and Dave finds himself in a high-stakes card game with some college students.  Back at Welltopia, it’s “Black Monday,” the clinic’s busiest day of the year, and in Ken’s absence, Julie is the doctor in charge, and Clark and Damona have to help her learn that
thoroughness doesn’t have to take forever.

Here are the five funniest lines from the episode.

"We've got a ton of patients out there in need of our care and compassion. So let's move that meat."

--Pat (Dave Foley) shows his compassion towards the clinic's patients

"If I get a text, come get me. I'm going to be buying magazines, like someone from the 50s."

--Dr. Ken's daughter is beginning to crack from the strain of having a phone with an almost dead battery

"When life gives you phlegm, you make phlegmenade."

--Pat (Dave Foley) isn't all that concerned about the crush of sick patients

"You can find the person who has 15-D and ask them to switch. Hopefully they've been as unlucky in love as me and will be traveling solo. Which is also the name of my blog."

--An airline employee is not eager to help Dr. Ken switch his seat on a packed plane

"Have you seen the waiting room? It looks like the 'Walk-in Dead.'"

--Damona (Tisha Campbell-Martin) worries the waiting patients are fading fast

"You know, Juan Julio, I would fire you if you hadn't found what you found in my car trunk."

--Another unsettling and creepy comment from Pat (Dave Foley)