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  • Written by Rick Ellis

Five Best Lines: 'Mom' - 11/05/2015

Christy and Bonnie have different ideas about forgiveness when Bonnie's mother, Shirley (Ellen Burstyn), who abandoned her as a small child, suddenly wants to be a part of their lives, on the third season premiere of MOM.

Here are the five best lines from the episode, which is entitled "Terrorists and Gingerbread."

"I think that might be my personal best. Two hours in 46 minutes."

--Bonnie's attempts at jogging are facing a steep learning curve.

"I want you to call this detective and tell him he has the wrong Bonnie Plunkett. My mother died stopping terrorists from blowing up Disneyland. That's what I decided when I was nine and I'm sticking with it."

--An attempt by Bonnie's mother to reach out to her doesn't go well.

"We have no relatives. Roscoe had to make a family tree for school last year. It had one leaf."

--Christy thinks Bonnie should meet her mother.

"You smell like cigarettes. Yep, you're my Grandmother."

--Christy meets her Grandmother for the first time.

"I decided to run until I wasn't mad anymore. I ran like 18 miles, puked and then took the bus back."

--Bonnie's reunion with her mother didn't go well.