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Five Best Lines: 'The Simpsons' - Sky Police - 03/08/2015

The Simpsons
In the episode "Sky Police," Marge’s congregation resorts to gambling in order to collect enough money to repair their church.

Here are the five best lines from the episode:

"Justice has a new name....up."

--Chief Wiggums is pretty happy about his new jet pack

"God doesn't hear MY prayers. If he did, I'd be at home, on the couch...playing video games....in a diaper."

--Bart is not convinced that he should be going to church

"Oh, God gets your prayers. But he just clicks 'delete' without reading them. Like email updates from LinkedIn."

--Homer explains his views on prayer to Bart

"Relax, Marge. If God lets Jews have Sunday on a Saturday, he'll be cool with this."

--Rev. Lovejoy is convinced that God would be okay with card-counting at a casino

"Dear Lord, thank you for granting us the gift of rationalization, to allow us to scheme and swindle so that we might honor you."

--Rev. Lovejoy is thankful that the group's scheme at the casino worked