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  • Written by Rick Ellis

Five Best Lines: 'Bad Teacher' - A Little Respect -07/19/2014

Bad Teacher

In the "Bad Teacher" episode entitled "A Little Respect," Meredith and Principal Carl’s friendship suffers when she argues with the parents of the school’s most gifted student and refuses an order to apologize for her behavior. Meanwhile, Ginny is set on edge when Joel scratches her car and tries to charm his way out of taking responsibility for the damage.

"Oooh...candles...strawberries. It looks like we're going to have sex in a Boyz 2 Men video.

--Joel (Ryan Hansen) notices that Meredith (Ari Graynor) brought something a little extra to the school's Parent Night.

"I've known a lot of doctors and they're just like us. They put their pants on after sex one leg at a time."

--Meredith's explanation as to why she's not intimidated by two parents who are also very smart doctors.

"It's nice to get some attention from a man who's not trying to sell me a reverse mortgage."

--Lorna (Mo Gaffney) explains why she allows Joel (Ryan Hansen) to get away with so much.

"People respond to those who reject them. It's sort of my area of expertise."

--One of Meredith's somewhat successful rules to live by.