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  • Written by Rick Ellis

Five Best Lines: 'Enlisted' - 03/14/2014


In the episode "Vets," Pete, Derrick and Randy do some self-evaluating after spending some time with three veterans whom they fear represent their future selves.

Here are the five best lines from the episode:

"Damn, sir, you seem kind of grumpy and I mean you no disrespect. But do you have to poop?"

--Derrick (Chris Lowell) has a theory about why Dan (Dean Stockwell) is so mean.

"I know what a sausagefest is. That's when you line up the best weiners from around the world and you go to town."

--Cody (Keith David) really doesn't understand what a sausagefest might be.

"Ever heard a man pass a harmonica through a chem toilet? That's the sound of the blues."

--Patrick (Stacey Keach) bonds with Pete (Geoff Stults) over their mutual dislike of musically-inclined soldiers.

"You know what Marines stands for? Muscles Are Required, Intelligence Not Essential. I love that one. You're stupid, is that it means."

--Derrick tries to pick a fight with an entire bar of Marines.

"His old man-hand is all bones."

--A Marine's complaint after he was hit in the jaw during a bar fight with Patrick (Stacey Keach)