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  • Written by Rick Ellis

Jamiroquai Shows There Is More To Being A 90s Band Than The 'I Love The 90s' Tour

There was a lot of great music in the 1990s, but the number of bands from that decade still recording listenable music can be probably be counted on both of Donald Trump's tiny hands.

Jamiroquai was never a huge act in the United States and if you remember them at all, it's for their 1997 hit "Virtual Insanity," which won a Grammy and four awards at the 1997 Video Music Awards. Despite a number of personnel changes in the years since, they have continued to tour and release new music. And somewhat astoundingly, their new single "Automaton" is ear candy of the best kind. At least, it is if you like that special mix of European techo and Brit pop.

The song also sports a music video that includes some magically glowing headgear.