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  • Written by Rick Ellis

What I'm Thankful For

As I write this, Thanksgiving dinner is cooking in the kitchen and my family and I are getting ready to have the first holiday meal in our house. I couldn't be happier and all of you have helped make this joy a reality.

After being laid off from three journalism job in two years awhile back, I found myself struggling with my employment options. I was at an age where I was too experienced to snag one of the many online content/aggregation monkey jobs. And the number of available full-time journalism jobs was shrinking almost daily.

AllYourScreens (and AllYourTV before that) was always primarily a repository for freelance TV and media writing I did for other places. I wasn't really thinking of it as a career choice, but it evolved into one as I continued my job search. And at some point, I realized this is where I'm supposed to be.

There aren't too many individuals making a go of it financially with a stand-alone web site. Most individuals do it as a side job or as a hobby that helps pay the bills. It's hard work and it's difficult to build an audience and a steady revenue stream in an online world dominated by large media players.

But about a million or so readers visited the site at least once in October and that level of traffic makes AllYourScreens a source of a steady income for my family. I'm thankful that I can do work that I love while making a nice living. I'm able to live in a place that's best for my son (the Twin Cities) and while I work insane hours, I also have the flexibility to spend time with my family and friends.

I'm an extremely lucky guy. And all of you have made this possible.

Thank you with all my heart. Happy Thanksgiving.

Rick Ellis
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