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'The Detectives Club: New Orleans (Exclusive Video)

The premise for the new Investigation Discovery series "The Detectives Club: New Orleans" is pretty simple: a group of New Orleans homicide detectives gather regularly in private to tell stories of their most difficult, high profile, and emotional homicide cases. The show does a nice job of find another way to present the network's recountings of real-life crime stories and the detectives are the perfect mix of world-weary, grizzled and passionate.

In the episode entitled "End Of Watch," Detectives Jimmy Anderson and Joey Catalanotto investigate the killing of police officer Chris Russell. Russell's partner gives a description of the shooter and explains how they were ambushed outside a neighborhood bar during a brazen armed robbery. With the entire police force searching for the suspects, and the canine unit leading the charge, it doesn't take long to shake the culprits from the shadows.

Here is an exclusive clip from that episode, which premieres on Investigation Discovery on Thursday, February 2nd, 2017 at 9:00 p.m. CT. We'll have an interview with Detective Jimmy Anderson posting on Tuesday, in which he'll discuss this case, his career and why he thinks it's important for him to be part of this television show.