Episode Guide: 'Parenthood' - Season Five

5-01 It Has To Be Now--09/26/2013

Jasmine (Joy Bryant) and Crosby’s (Dax Shepard) unnamed newborn causes quite a stir in their house and serves as a Braverman family magnet. While Adam (Peter Krause) and Kristina (Monica Potter) reset their life after her cancer ordeal, she quickly decides to take on another kind of fight, and Joel (Sam Jaeger) and Julia (Erika Christensen) face personal and professional challenges. Hank (Ray Romano) moves back to town, unbeknownst to Sarah (Lauren Graham) and Amber (Mae Whitman) welcomes her soldier boyfriend home.
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5-02 All Aboard Who's Coming Aboard--10/13/2013

5-03 Nipple Confusion--10/10/2013

5-04 In Dreams Begin Responsibilities--10/17/2013

5-05 Let's Be Mad Together--10/24/2013

5-06 The M Word--10/31/2014

5-07 Speaking Of Baggage--11/07/2013

5-08 The Ring--11/14/2013

5-09 Election Day--11/21/2013
5-10 All That's Left Is The Hugging--12/12/2013
5-11 Promises--01/02/2014

5-12 Stay A Little Longer--01/09/2014

5-13 Jump Ball--01/16/2014

5-14 You've Got Mold--01/23/2014

5-15 Just Like Home--02/27/2014

5-16 The Enchanting Mr. Knight--03/06/2014

5-17 Limbo--03/13/2014

5-18 The Offer--03/20/2014

5-19 Fraud Alert--03/27/2014

5-20 Cold Feet--04/03/2014

5-21 I'm Still Here--04/10/2014

5-22 The Pontiac--04/17/2014