'Scorned: Love Kills' - Episode Guide - Season Five





5-05 Bear Down--04/30/2016
Retired Chicago Bears football player Shaun Gayle has a beautiful long-term girlfriend named Rhoni, but Gayle begins seeing other women, causing things to spiral out of control and setting the stage for murder.

5-06 Naughty Not Nice--05/07/2016
Yamisha Thomas keeps up her party-girl lifestyle in spite of her husband's efforts to control her, but her reckless behavior may come back to haunt her.

5-07 Manhattan Murder Mystery--05/14/2016
Barbara Kogan spends her fortune while her husband George scrambles to dig them out of debt by using his Mafia connections.

5-08 Heavy Betting--05/28/2016
Brett and Tammy appear to be leading a picture-perfect life in an affluent South Carolina community, then Brett's business leads to calamitous debt as well as infidelity and causes their marriage to come to a deadly end.

'See No Evil' - Episode Guide - Season Two

2-01 Watching Amy--02/23/2016
After 24-year-old Amy Lord is found sobbed to death, police trace her movements using footage from five different ATMs in Boston.



2-04 The Vanishing Nurse--03/15/2016
After nursing student Michele Le vanishes without a trace, police discover footage that shows her car circling the parking where she disappeared. But police cannot identify the driver.

Episode Guide: 'Scorpion' - Season Two

2-01 Satellite Of Love--09/21/2015

2-02 Cuba Libre--09/28/2015

2-03 Fish Filet--10/05/2015

2-04 Robots--10/12/2015

2-05 Super Fun Guys--10/19/2015

2-06 Tech, Drugs, And Rock 'N Roll (90 min)--10/26/2015

2-07 Crazy Train--11/02/2015

2-08 Area 51--11/09/2015

2-09 US vs UN vs UK--11/16/2015

2-10 Arrivals & Departures--11/23/2015

2-11 The Old College Try--12/07/2015

2-12 Dam Breakthrough--12/14/2015

2-13 White Out--01/04/2016

2-14 Sun Of A Gun--01/18/2016

2-15 Da Bomb--01/23/2016

'Survivor's Remorse' - Episode Guide - Season Three

3-01 The Night Of The Crash--07/24/2016
The family copes with the tragic loss of a family member and the sudden hole it leaves in their lives.

3-02 The Ritual--07/24/2016
The Calloway and Vaughns comfort one another as they try to navigate their way through the most trying ritual of their lives in Atlanta.

3-03 The Thank-You Note--07/31/2016
After meeting a wealthy Atlanta couple, Reggie and Missy argue about the importance of modern manners and the role that etiquette plays in social affairs.

3-04 The Age Of Umbrage--08/07/2016
Cam’s words during an interview are taken out of context and twisted into a scandal that the whole family is drawn into- one that leads to the creation of the Calloway Philanthropic Trust.

3-05 The Photoshoot--08/14/2016
Missy comes into her own as a media consultant and must cope with the fallout of a controversial decision at a photo shoot for Cam. Chen and Cassie try to close the gap of a long distance relationship with the help of modern technology.

3-06 No Child Left Behind--08/21/2016
Cassie has her DNA tested to discover more about her roots. After doing so, she meets a new family who helps her understand and experience the traditions of the culture and ancestors. Reggie and Cam try to get rid of Uncle Julius's gun.

Episode Guide: 'Sleepy Hollow' - Season One

Sleepy Hollow
1-01 Pilot--09/16/2013
After being resurrected and pulled two and a half centuries through time, Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) finds himself in modern-day Sleepy Hollow, where he quickly realizes that evil has awoken with him. When Sheriff August Corbin (guest star Clancy Brown) is killed by the infamous Headless Horseman, Ichabod forms an unlikely bond with Lieutenant Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie), a young cop who has her own childhood supernatural experiences. Together, the two embark on a mission to stop evil and uncover mysteries dating back to the founding of our country. Captain Frank Irving (Orlando Jones) hesitates to believe Ichabod’s tales of supernatural evil. But when Ichabod’s former wife, Katrina (Katia Winter), provides clues about impending evil, they all begin to realize that this town is anything but sleepy.
Written by:
Directed by:

1-02 Blood Moon--09/23/2013
Still adjusting to his 21st century reality, Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) and Lt. Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) move forward in their mission to unravel the mysteries lurking in Sleepy Hollow. A frightful vision from Ichabod’s former wife, Katrina (Katia Winter), sends the unlikely duo on the hunt for a vengeful witch from the 1700s who has been awoken by unknown evils and is on a path of destruction in the quaint town. Meanwhile, despite all odds, Officer Andy Brooks (John Cho) is back and on a questionable mission of his own.
Written by:
Directed by:

1-03 For The Triumph Of Evil--09/30/2013
Another soldier in the army of evil, the Sandman, seeps into the dreams of the residents of Sleepy Hollow. By infiltrating their minds at night, he tortures them to the brink – all because they, at one time, turned a blind eye to justice. When the Sandman seemingly sets his sights on Abbie (Nicole Beharie), she is forced to begin to face her past – and her institutionalized sister, Jenny (guest star Lyndie Greenwood). With Ichabod (Tom Mison) by her side, and her life at stake, the duo must try to defeat the Sandman and continue their fight against evil.
Written by:
Directed by:

1-04 The Lesser Key of Solomon--10/07/2013
Lt. Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) and Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) search for Abbie’s estranged sister, Jenny (guest star Lyndie Greenwood), who has escaped from a Sleepy Hollow psychiatric hospital. In a game-changing episode, which includes flashbacks to the real Boston Tea Party, Abbie and Ichabod discover more about the evil they are facing.
Written by:
Directed by:

1-05 John Doe--10/14/2013
When an unidentified boy is discovered in Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) and Lt. Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) are called to the scene. After speaking with the child, they immediately realize that something sinister and sickly is afoot, and the duo goes on a hunt to discover his home and origins – and are shocked by what they find.
Written by:
Directed by:

1-06 The Sin Eater--11/04/2013
Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) goes missing, and his wife, Katrina (Katia Winter), appears to Lt. Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) in a vision, warning her that the Headless Horseman will return to Sleepy Hollow by nightfall. A frantic Abbie seeks help from the mysterious Henry Parrish (guest star John Noble, "Fringe") in order to rescue Ichabod. Meanwhile, an encounter from Ichabod’s past weighs heavily on him, and details from Ichabod and Katrina’s first meeting are revealed.
Written by:
Directed by:

1-07 The Midnight Ride--11/13/2013
Abbie (Nicole Beharie) and Ichabod (Tom Mison) must find hidden clues to thwart the evil in Sleepy Hollow, and Abbie gets an unexpected visit from the enigmatic Andy Brooks (guest star John Cho).
Written by:
Directed by:

1-08 Necromancer--11/18/2013
Ichabod (Tom Mison) and Abbie (Nicole Beharie) have finally captured the Headless Horseman, but Ichabod is shocked by game-changing information about the Horseman’s true motives and his ties to Katrina (Katia Winter).
Written by:
Directed by:

1-09 Sanctuary--11/25/2013
When Ichabod (Tom Mison) and Abbie (Nicole Beharie) investigate a missing persons case, the search leads to a colonial-era house which holds more secrets from Ichabod’s past, and unleashes yet another long-dormant evil.
Written by:
Directed by:

1-10 The Golem--12/09/2013
Ichabod (Tom Mison) enlists Henry Parrish (guest star John Noble) to help him communicate with Katrina (Katia Winter), but in the process, a menacing danger is unleashed from purgatory.
Written by:
Directed by:

1-11 The Vessel--01/13/2014

1-12 The Indispensable Man--01/20/2014
Ichabod (Tom Mison) and Abbie (Nicole Beharie) discover a dark secret buried within the pages of George Washington’s Bible and unearth the shocking true nature of the founding father's death. Meanwhile, Capt. Irving (Orlando Jones) makes a near-impossible decision for the sake of his beloved family that drastically changes his future.
Written by:
Directed by:

1-13 Bad Blood--01/20/2014
The battle between good and evil comes to an explosive head. Sacrifices must be made, worlds collide, loyalties are tested and the town of Sleepy Hollow will never be the same.
Written by:
Directed by: