Episode Guide: 'Timber Kings' - Season Two

2-01 Old Dog, New Tricks
Bryan Sr. resurrects an ancient crane dubbed “Rust Bucket” to complete a remote fishing cabin. Meanwhile, Beat struggles with two huge projects competing for time and square footage on the work yard. And behind the scenes, Peter sneaks in a top-secret project for the Stampede parade.

2-02 Cold War
In Kansas, tensions run high when Andre muscles in on Sam’s big build.  And back at the log yard, winter gales put a chill on Peter’s enormous project for a Russian client. And Bryan Jr. hosts an ice-cutting party on frozen Lake Nimpo, complete with an ice bar and hot tub.

2-03 A Big Deal
Joel pulls out all the stops, hoping his contract for four cabins in Michigan will land Pioneer an order for sixteen more. Meantime, Andre’s simple kitchen reno turns into a bigger deal than expected. And Beat marks an anniversary for Peter with the ultimate prank gift — a redneck jungle gym.

2-04 Pig In Mud
In the Prairies, Peter gets stuck in the mud, trying to make a client’s dreams come true. Meantime, Beat helps Sam with his biggest build ever, but a reckless rookie crane op threatens to bring the whole project down. And Joel goes whole hog to build a pigpen for some very demanding clients — his kids.

2-05 High Rollers
Just hours from Manhattan, Beat creates a country retreat for a demanding French financier, while Joel’s Australian client makes a last minute request for a three-car garage. In the meantime, Peter conspires to create an oversize surprise for Andre 50th birthday.

2-06 Trial By Fire
In foggy Newfoundland, Peter builds a duck-hunting cabin and gets initiated into island culture.  Meanwhile, Bryan Jr. renovates the patio at the local pub — wrangling oversized logs and the client’s oversized personality. At the yard, Joel and Nellie feel the heat, as local firefighters teach them how to protect their multimillion-dollar log pile.

2-07 Out On A Limb
In Northern BC, a challenging modern log home has Beat and his crew risking life and limb. Meantime, Joel and Bryan Sr. take a chance on hiring an eccentric perfectionist to carve a life-size statue on a tight deadline. And Peter keeps a promise to help Martin build a house in his own unique "Peter-style."

2-08 Active Duty
In California, Joel is under the gun, with a job that’s behind schedule before it even begins. Meanwhile, Beat marshals the troops to finish a mega project on the verge of shipping out. And Andre fulfills a dream when he gets recruited for a special mission with the Armed Forces.

2-09 Make a Mark
Bryan Jr. makes a mark in the self-proclaimed log home capital of the world. Back at the yard, Andre tries to control Peter when his pent-up creativity goes in overdrive. And the rivalry of three young brothers is ratcheted up, when Beat engineers a log yard challenge.

2-10 The Getaway
As winter approaches, the rush to build two summer getaway homes is on. Peter leads his team in Alberta while Bryan Jr. and his guys head north to Alaska. Meantime, weekend warriors Beat and Joel build a daredevil mountain bike jump — but will they dare to ride it?

2-11 Great Expectations
In upstate New York, Beat builds three grandiose gazebos for two brothers with neighboring properties. Back home, Bryan Jr. asks his son Little Man to take charge of his first build ever. And Joel and Shawn scramble to create a grand prize for their son’s hockey raffle — under the watchful eye of a tougher-than-nails coach.

2-12 Planes, Cranes And Automobiles
Beat takes on his biggest build this season, a 15,000 square foot mansion with logs so massive they tax the crane and crew to the limits. In Oregon, Joel and Bryan Sr. fly high, setting up a gazebo for an air and automotive museum, while Peter and Nellie put the pedal to the rusty metal, in a local Crash to Pass car race.

2-13 Good As New
On a two-man build in Alberta, Joel and his right-hand man Shawn are challenged by broken logs and stubborn headers.  Meantime, family and friends pitch in to help Beat recycle Bryan Sr.’s old garage into a new lakeside cabin, and Peter builds a Pioneer style baby gift for Nellie.

2-14 Barn Burner
After Beat and Sam build a beautiful home in Alberta, the clients egg them on to a paint ball battle on their acreage.  Meantime, Peter rebuilds a massive barn for an old friend, but first he gets to demolish it!   And Joel is given a commission to build his wife a bed.  If he doesn’t get it right, he’ll be on the couch for sure!


'Top 5 Restaurants' - Episode Guide - Season Three

3-01 Best Soul Food
Top 5 Restaurants is bringing you the best of America's favorite down-home, stick-to-your-ribs cuisine — soul food! On the itinerary for this soul food journey are sophisticated Harlem pork chops, Mississippi smoked ribs and candied yams, gumbo by the bay, and Phoenix fried chicken and waffles.

3-02 Best Breakfast
Top 5 Restaurants is counting down the best ways to start your day, from a Southern waffle topped with everything but the kitchen sink to a drive-through serving up the nation's best breakfast sandwich to a sophisticated Los Angeles lobster hash.

3-03 Best Fried Foods
A dip in the deep fryer makes everything better, and Top 5 Restaurants knows where to go for the nation's most heavenly fried meals! Dishes that make the list include a Texas-sized chicken-fried steak, a fried green tomato sandwich from Atlanta and a New York-style deep-fried hamburger.

3-04 Best Chinese Food--07/30/2016
Put down that boring fried rice, because Top 5 Restaurants is here to share where to get the best Chinese food in the country. From the ultimate dumpling to sticky-sweet shrimp and fiery spiced-up chicken, America's best Chinese food comes from some surprising places.

3-05 Best Cheesy Dishes
It's an ooey-gooey delight on Top 5 Restaurants as we count down the nation's best cheesy dishes. Challengers for the number one spot include the ultimate mac and cheese, the country's best beef and cheese sandwich, and a classic New York pizza slice.

3-06 Best Food Trucks--08/06/2016
Top 5 Restaurants seeks out the country's best meals on wheels, from an authentic old-world pizza to sweet and savory waffles to hot dogs and classic ice cream.

3-07 Best Mexican Food
Top 5 Restaurants is giving you some serious southern exposure and plenty of surprises as we reveal where to go for the nation's best Mexican food, from classic moles to the original fajita to fall-apart, tender pork.

3-08 Best Breakfast--08/20/2016
Counting down the bst ways to start the day; a Southern waffle topped with everything but the kitchen sink; a drive-in through serving up the nation's best breakfast sandwich; a sophisticated lobster hash.

3-09 Best Late Night Eats--08/27/2016
The inside scoop on the nations best after-hour eats, from pancakes covered in chocolate and cream to a classic all-night Los Angeles deli to a cheeseburger that can tame even the wildest night in New Orleans.

3-09 Best Bacon Bites--09/03/2016
Top 5 Restaurants is living high on the hog, showcasing restaurants that highlight bacon in crazy, inventive dishes. From New England pizza to a joint in Chicago that wraps a whole meatloaf in bacon to a sweet and salty dessert you have to see to believe, you'll never look at bacon the same way again!

3-10 Best Cheap Eats
You don't have to be a millionaire to eat like one, and Top 5 Restaurants is showing you how with world-class pizza, flavorful taco combos and even a gourmet steak dinner that can be had for the change in your couch. Your stomach and your accountant will thank you!

3-11 Best Street Food--09/10/2016
Street food that provides all the flavor of a sit-down meal in one handheld package; from big city crepes and kabobs to a fancy lobster roll to go.

3-12 Best Lunch
Top 5 Restaurants knows a fantastic lunch can turn your day right around, so we're revealing where to get the country's best midday meal, be it a Texas cheeseburger, a Nashville smoked meat platter, the nation's best soup and sandwich combo, or a heartwarming mac and cheese.

'Worst Cooks In America' - Episode Guide - Season Six


6-02 Prepping For Success--01/11/2015
The teams face-off in an effort to gain recipe steps through food trivia; learning and executing knife skills; the recruits must successfully create the Spanish dish paella.

6-03 Spice Up Your Life--01/18/2015
The recruits try their hand at experimenting with flavor combinations and are tasked with creating their own international tacos.

6-04 Scared Straight--01/25/2015
The recruits tackle game day dishes and must break down a raw squid to prepare squid ink pasta with calamari.

6-05 Feeding Frenzy--02/01/2015
The recruits are asked to make a breakfast for guest star, "Good Morning America" meteorologist Ginger Zee.

6-06 Blast From The Past--02/08/2015
The final four must recreate their signature dishes from the first episode, using their newfound skills and food knowledge.

6-07 Final Food Fight--02/15/2015
The final recruits work with their mentors to create a refined three course menu to be served to a panel of expert judges.

Episode Guide: '2 Broke Girls' - Season Four

2 Broke Girls
4-01 And The Reality Problem--10/27/2014

A television producer approaches Max and Caroline about shooting an episode of a Kardashians’ reality show at their cupcake window.
Written by: Michael Patrick King
Directed by: Don Scardino
Guest stars: Kim Kardashian West as Herself; Lauren Weedman as Shayne and Morgan Krantz as Raggedy Hipster.

4-02 And The DJ Face--11/03/2014
Max is embarrassed when she discovers her Tuesday night boyfriend is a DJ at a grocery chain.
Written by: Liz Astrof
Directed by: Don Scardino
Guest stars: Jesse Metcalfe as Sebastian; Natalie Dreyfuss as Hilary; Nicholas Cutro as Doug; Dinora Walcott as Shira and Kaliko Kauahi as Booth Woman.
4-03 And The Childhood Not Included--11/10/2014
When Caroline accidentally loses Han’s expensive fish while cleaning the tank, Max considers selling a sentimental gift she just received from her mother in order to pay for a new one.
Written by: Michelle Nader
Directed by: Don Scardino
Guest stars: J.J. Totah as Elliott; Lindsey Stoddart as Rita; Daija Owens as Scarlett; Benjamin Royer as Emmett; George Dalton as Josh; Grace Kaufman as Young ax V.O. and Jackie Benoit as Elderly Woman.