'Calling Dr. Pol' - Episode Guide - Season Two



2-03 Dog Days--07/30/2016
This week is full of dog cases, from an injured Boston Terrier, to a Chocolate Lab that can’t walk, to a Terrier Mix with a needle in his mouth, to a pregnant Yorkie ready to give birth.
2-04 Lost & Found--07/30/2016
An injured Chihuahua is full of fury, a Great Dane puppy is near death, two abandoned stray dogs are taken in for medical care and one of them gets adopted by its rescuer.

2-05 Big Rabbit, Mini Pig--08/06/2016
The name of the game is extremes at the Pol clinic. The docs are busy with a plus sized rabbit, a miniature pig and a Great Dane in need of a home. Dr. Pol may present a clinical demeanor at times, but when it comes to Danes, he always opens up his heart and his home.

2-06 The Clinic Grows--08/06/2016
Dr. Pol, Charles and Dr. Brenda are out of the office while construction proceeds for a new addition to the clinic.  While the builders build, the road tripping trio has their hands full with an alpaca with attitude, a miniature donkey with something more than athlete’s foot, and a dairy cow duo in need of some attention. 

2-07 Honoring The Doc--08/13/2016
Dr. Pol is no slouch when it comes to community involvement. He’s visited the local schools, helped out with charity events and is a true staple to his Michigan community; therefore, it is no surprise when the local 4H honors him for all his achievements.  Before Doc has a chance to revel in his award, he must rush to Marshall Farms to curb an outbreak of pink eye.

2-08 Graduation Day--08/13/2016
All is well in the land of Pol as Doc is preparing to give the commencement address to the entire graduating class of Central Michigan University.  While Dr. Pol prepares, Dr. Brenda has her hands full with a pregnant feline and a cantankerous canine.

2-09 Halloween Tails--08/20/2016
It’s Halloween and the Pol clinic is busier than usual.  While the doctors handle an influx of patients, Charles takes it upon himself to herald in the season.  After dealing with a dairy cow disaster it’s off to celebrate.
2-10 Spooktacular Vet--08/20/2016  
The Halloween hijinks continue on a very special Halloween edition of Calling Dr. Pol. The office embraces the holiday spirit, and some adorable sugar gliders.

'Carnival Eats' - Season One Episode Guide

1-01 1-01 89er Days/Pungo Strawberry Festivals--
Funnyman host Noah Cappe indulges in America’s favorite carnival eats at the 89er Days Festival celebrating the land run in Oklahoma’s historic first capital, Guthrie. He meets a fourth generation Cherokee who teaches him the secret to authentic fry bread for Indian Tacos. He loosens his belt to take on the Giant Texas Tenderloin Sandwich and begs for more as he wolfs down the delightfully decadent Fudge Puppy. Next, he takes his pick from a field of flavors at the Pungo, Virginia Strawberry Festival where he finds himself getting sweet on Strawberry Arugala Pizza, supersizes a Strawberry Shortcake and puckers up with giant Deep Fried Pickles. Finally, it’s a race against time as he discovers the crunchy creamy goodness of the Soft Shell Crab Sandwich.

1-02 Viva! Vienna! Festival/Contraband Days Festival--08/25/2014
This trip, Noah celebrates Memorial Day weekend at suburban DC’s Viva Vienna festival, where the fastest way to his heart is through divine Soul Food. He springs for Loaded Perogies, learns a new spin on an old favourite with Philly Cheese Steak Fries and sees food and eats it with Baltimore-style Crab Dip. Then, he sets course for the bayou where he uncovers some tasty treasures at the pirate-themed Contraband Days festival in Lake Charles, Louisiana. There, he gets a lesson in down-home Cajun cooking with Chicken & Crawfish Gumbo, fancies up funnel cake with maple and candied bacon and goes nuts for Creole-style Praline candies with Miss Rita.

1-03 Oak Mountain Spring State Fair/Apache Rattlesnake Festival--09/01/2014
On this episode, host Noah Cappe travels to Oklahoma for the Apache Rattlesnake Festival. He bravely samples the Deep Fried Rattlesnake, the namesake dish of the festival. Then it’s back to more carnival classics like Texas Twister Fries and the spicy Mexi-Dog. Later, Noah takes in the treats at Alabama’s Oak Mountain Spring Fair. Starting with Dre’s Barbeque Baked Potato, and moving onto cheese-stuffed grilled pork balls, jambalaya stuffed peppers and finishing up with Deep Fried Bread Pudding, it’s southern comfort food with a fair flare!

1-04 Portland Rose Festival/Got to be NC Fair--
Noah Cappe heads to North Caroline for the Got To Be NC Fest. Local pecans top the Cinnamon Roll Waffles and Noah tries the only Donut Sloppy Joe on offer on the east coast fair circuit. Then it’s across the country for the Portland Rose Festival. He devours smoked mac & cheese, a dish so amazing it’s got the people of Portland dancing in the streets. Next, the classic American apple pie gets the carnival eats treatment and is transformed into Apple Pie Fries.  Beef Tongue Tacos prove that Portland is still keeping it weird.

1-05 Meadowlands State Fair/Gardendale Magnolia Festival--
Noah Cappe jets into State Fair Meadowlands to check out the freak show of food, beginning with Cream Cheese Larvets. He also indulges in the Pig in Mud: chocolate covered, deep fried bacon. Next, it’s down south to Alabama. Local Vendor Big Daddy’s BBQ Ribs are the talk of the fair, but it’s the Sweet Potato Pie Ice Cream churned in a tractor that converts Noah into a believer.

1-06 California State/Northeast State Fair--
In North East Pennsylvania, host Noah Cappe eats a Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich even The King would approve of, and checks out a Chicken Stuffed Pretzel so good, it’s got Noah all shook up. Next, Noah heads across the country to the California State Fair. This event is California’s biggest and features the best fresh produce the state has on offer. And those fresh fruits and veggies are transformed into carnival eats – first in Spaghetti Ice Cream, where California strawberries are the base of the “sauce” in this frozen delight. And the famous Lobster Corn Dog gets crowds lining up to sample some of the freshest seafood on the West Coast.

1-07 Miami Dade County/Sarasota Agricultural Fairs--
It’s a fiesta of fair food in Florida! Noah Cappe samples one of the craziest carnival eats in America: Chicken Wing Ice Cream. Then it’s the classic Glazed Donut Burger, complete with cheese and bacon. A Red Velvet Funnel Cake and a Lobster Roll made with local lobster round out the day. Then it’s across the state to the Sarasota County Agricultural Fair, where Noah meets sisters who’ve been on the road since they were kids, selling favorites like Deep Fried Cheesecake and Fried Green Tomatoes. The local agricultural association shows Noah their top seller, the Pulled Pork sandwich and finally Noah wrestles Gator on a Stick.

1-08 Stanislaus County Fair/Texas Crab Festival--
In this episode, host Noah Cappe  arrives at the Stanislaus County Fair in Turlock, CA. He gets his paws into homemade fries topped with lobster claws and tail meat, and devours a delicious doughnut ice cream sandwich. Finally, he sizes up an 18” corn dog big enough to feed a family and dips his tongue into Cajun cuisine with Deep Fried Frogs Legs. Then it’s down to the Gulf Coast for the Texas Crab Fest. Noah savors a soft shell crab taco, coconut encrusted shrimp and gooey Grasshopper pie while enjoying the hospitality of Crystal Beach, Texas.

1-09 K-Days/North Dakota State Fairs--
Noah begs for S’mores Mini Donuts in Edmonton and forages for Wild Rice Burgers in North Dakota.

1-10 Indiana State Fair/Old Canal Days--
The Indiana State Fair is one of the oldest fairs in the country, with some of the best fair foods around. Noah constructs, and devours a Colossal Grilled Cheese Sandwich with the help of the state dairy association. Next he takes the classic elephant ear to the next level by packing it full of fruit filling before frying it up. YaYa’s Tomato Balls, a Greek family favorite, is his final dish of the day.  Then it’s over to neighboring Illinois for Old Canal Days in Lockport. Noah samples some insanely loaded potato bites before chowing down on Chicago-style pizza pie. A uniquely sweet doughnut treat rounds out another day of carnival eating.

1-11 Ohio State Fair/NC Potato Festival--
Host Noah Cappe heads to the Ohio State Fair, one of the country’s oldest and biggest fairs, with food that’s just as outrageous. Noah samples a perfect combination of savory meat and sweet treats in the Pulled Pork Donut. Fair classics like Funnel Cakes and the Blooming Onion and Funnel Cakes get a Ohio state spin but it’s the Giant Deep Fried Gummy Bear that really gets Noah going. Then he heads to the NC Potato Festival in North Carolina, where a local specialty is a big hit: Calabash Flounder.

1-12 Illinois State/Erie County Fairs--
Noah gets lucky in Illinois with the Horseshoe Sandwich, and gets hot for Buffalo Chicken Pizza in New York.

1-13 Toronto CNE/Oswego Prairie Festival--
Noah shows his deep appreciation for the Thanksgiving Waffle in Toronto, and learns that an old dog can learn new tricks in Illinois with the Korean Kimchi Dog.



'Carnival Eats' - Season Two Episode Guide

2-01 From Livestock To Lemons--
The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is one of the biggest events in Texas. With over 2.5 million visitors a year, it’s the perfect place for carnival concessionaires to perfect their offerings. Host Noah Cappe gets a lesson in the meat that makes Texas famous, sampling the Texas Chili Burger and the Big Texas Barbecue Baked Potato. Then he tries a local legend’s tamale recipe before rounding off the day with Strawberry Waffle Bombs. Next, he arrives at Lemonade Days in Dunwoody, Georgia to discover a new breakfast concept called Rise & Shine Pizza. A Sushi Burrito is an East-West fusion food that tickles his taste buds while The Funnel Cake Dog proves that even the wackiest carnival concoctions can be a success.

2-02 From Renaissance To Rio Grande--
Young squire Noah Cappe tries his hand at making the King’s Court Conch Fritters, decadent Deep Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly Brownie Bites, a picquant Fried Green Tomato BLT and the Cookies and Cream Sandwich. Biding adieu to his new friends, Noah heads west to Mercedes, Texas where the rough and ready cowboys and girls at the Livestock Show rustle up some western grub like Deep Fried Cheesesteak, Outlaw Fries and the enormous Suicide Taco that’s so huge you need two plates and four hands to hold it.

2-03 From Derby Day To Down State--
Host Noah Cappe is off to the races in Louisville Kentucky at the Kentucky Derby Festival. First he chows down on a custom made pizza – the Kentucky Hot Brown. Then it’s time to get a little bit country with Ozark Style Loaded Fries, piled high with pork, baked beans and cheddar cheese. Ending the day are two sweet treats: Festive Funnel Cake made with pumpkin and Kentucky’s Fried Cookie Dough. Next he heads to Beaumont Texas for the South Texas State Fair where local specialties are The Swamp Thing and Hush Kitties.

2-04 From Small Town To Farmville--
On this episode, host Noah Cappetravels to the Nederland Heritage Festival, where food from around the world is prepared by an army of volunteers. From the Cowboy Pistolettes to Sopapillas, to Chicken Fried Bacon and a very fun egg-stravaganza. Later, he travels to Farmville, NC for the Dogwood Festival – home to southern comfort food with a fair flare. From the Oh Boy! Po’ Boy sandwich to Cocoa Bananas home made ice cream, these are real garden goodies.

2-05 From Crawfish To California--
Noah Cappe goes coastal at the Louisiana Crawfish Festival. From Crawfish Cakes to Oyster Rolls, to a pair of classic carnival desserts, this festival covers all the bases from seafood to sweets. Then it’s off to Porterville, California where they’ve got a uniquely savory funnel cake, deep fried pizza and an Inside Out Pineapple Upside Down Cake on a stick makes this event a fork-free food frenzy.

2-06 From Chowchilla-Madera To Ciao!--
In the tiny town of Chowchilla, CA Noah Cappe discovers some carnival eats that deserve to be shared with the world. First up, it’s the Deep Pit Barbeque, a meat extravaganza that takes three days to prepare. Noah also enjoys a Funnel Cake Cheeseburger and the Baja Avocado Taco. Across the country in New Jersey, the St. Michael’s Italian Festival celebrates the cultural and culinary history of Italian-Americans with Zeppole, a cheesecake known as Cake ‘n Bacon and a bad boy of a sandwich: The Hoboken Fat Boy.

2-07 From Strawberry To Silver Dollar--
The Brandywine Strawberry Festival in Pennsylvania is home to “The Colossal” a crab cake/roast beef combo that has host Noah Cappe going wild. Other favorites at this annual celebration include The Sizzler, the Chicken Parm’wich and Strawberry Kettle Corn. Then Noah heads to Chico, CA for the Silver Dollar Fair, where he strikes gold with the Sinfully Sweet Spicy Cheese Pretzel.

2-08 From Golden State To Gizzards--
The Sacramento County Fair in the state capitol is the launching pad for trend-setting fair food including the famous Jalapeno Cheese Skirt Burger. Host Noah Cappe also investigates two new takes on some classics and Cowboy Campfire Churros. Next, he meets the locals at Gizzard Fest in Michigan where they’re serving a donut to die for, and an Onion Dog as big as his head.

2-09 From Michigan To Maize--
Rockford MI is home to the Start of Summer Celebration, where host Noah Cappe gets busy with the Soul On A Roll sandwich, and the To Die For Casserole. Salted Caramel Apple Gelato is the thing to beat the heat, while a Beer Can Chicken Pizza Cone combines the best of two worlds. Then it’s off to the corn fields of Iowa, where three generations of one fabulous fair family keep Noah entertained with the Hillbilly Hamburger, the Dream Puff and the Bacon Screamer.

2-10 From Cornfields To Canada--
In Fertile, Minnesota imaginations have run wild, dreaming up some of the freshest fair eats around. Beginning with the Dynamite Dog and the North Woods Sandwich, piled high with prime rib and finishing the day with Barbe’chos, a barbeque-nachos fusion, host Noah Cappehas a field day. Later, he heads north of the border to the Red River Exhibition in Manitoba where quintessential Canadian cuisine gets a carnival twist with Prairie Poutine and a Habernero Crunch Burger.

2-11 From Heatwave To Heartland--
Pleasanton, CA is home to the Alameda County Fair, and some mouthwatering Carnival Eats. Noah Cappe gets his hands on the Caliente Curls and Chile Relleno Dog, and meets fried food royalty who prepares his world famous Mac & Cheese Bacon Burger. Next Noah arrives in Iowa for a stomping good time with Reverend Tom and his Cowboy Beans. The Sunnyside Burger looks on the bright side, while the Tropical Tantalizer tickles taste buds.

2-12 From West Coast To Wisconsin--
Noah Cappe says good morning to the California sunshine at the Sonoma Marin Fair with Breakfast on a Stick, and chows down on another West Coast classic-turned-carnival eats: the Green Goddess. Then it’s off to Wisconsin for the Racine County Fair’s Classic Cheese Curds and The Pink Taco.

2-13 From Rock & Roll To Red River--
The hills are alive with the sound of satisfied stomachs at Burlington’s Sound of Music Festival, where Noah Cappe gives a rave review to a hit parade of new releases. The Rockin’ Roti hits all the right notes, while the OMG Bar has Noah singing the blues after he eats the whole thing. Then Noah takes the show on the road and arrives at the Red River Valley Fair where he gets up close and personal with local favorites Minneapple Pie and Jalapeno Wantons.

'Carnival Eats' - Season Three Episode Guide

3-01 Royals And The Red River City--
Noah begins his journey at the Royal Winter Fair, where the noble vendors have created a veritable feast. The Blue Balsamic has Noah saying “Yes, cheese” while The Mean Green is actually pretty nice! He tries on the fair’s perennial favorite – The Great Canadian Rosti, and tops it all off with the Massive Marshmallow Crunch. Later, he makes his way down to the State Fair of Louisiana, where the specialties include Lupita’s Gorditas and The Five Pounder – a burger so enormous it takes four hands just to hold it. He ends his culinary adventure with Not Yo’ Average Nachos, a sweet spin on the classic nachos.

3-02 Lights And Literature--
At the spectacular Magical Winter Lights, two very bright vendors turn Noah on to fusion favorites The Torthai and The Koagie Dog. Then Noah tries his hand at making a Deep Fried Rootbeer Float and torches a Berry Brulee Waffle. Next, he snacks to the future in Galveston, donning some Victorian finery for a trip back to Dickensian England. On the menu is Fagin’s Fried Shrimp, Scotch Eggs and Deep Fried Baklava.

3-03 Burgers And Bombs--
The South Florida Fair is one of the first events of the calendar year, and our vendors start the season off right with whacky takes on some fairground classics, with The Waffle Burger and the Donut Philly Cheesesteak. ‘Zanado Fries and a S’mores Cobbler round off the day. Then Noah heads west to Denver, where he gets down with The F Bomb. The Uber-Tater is the ultimate in comfort food, while the Icy Apple Dream sends Noah home on a cloud.

3-04 Cowboys And Cakes--
For more than a hundred years, the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo has been bringing fair goers to Texas. Noah joins the crowds to experience the meaty midway munchies with the Cowboy Burrito and the Texan Juicy Lucy. Then it’s a totally different take on the burrito that’s big and bodacious. Finally Noah rounds the day off with Wake ‘n’ Cake, combining breakfast cereal with the classic funnel cake. In Florida, The Bacon Burger Bomb aka The Triple B gets Noah’s heart pumping. Then there’s a Funnel Cake Pizza to sample along with the Chocoberry Orie – a triple decker sweet.

3-05 Mac & Cheese And Monster Meat
On this episode, Noah takes a bite out of the Great New York State Fair where The Defibrillator, a burger between two grilled cheese sandwiches, really gets his heart pumping. Then he tries on two local favorites – the piquant Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese and the Crispy Clamwich. For dessert, he wolfs down PB&J Ice Cream, with pieces of fluffy white bread. Then it’s off to Columbia for the South Carolina State Fair, where the floods don’t stop Noah from sinking his teeth into The Super Stick and a Monster Meatball Sub. The King’s Corn Dog, a hot dog with a chocolate chip banana bread crust and a peanut butter dip, has Noah all shook up.

3-06 Bowls And Rolls--
The Norfolk County Fair is a culinary carnival. Noah appreciates the Thanksgiving Bowl – a cornucopia of flavors with fresh fall veggies, succulent turkey and cranberry cornbread. Next he tries on some fusion fare with Indo-Canadian inspired Butter Bacon Poutine and the Cheeseburger Eggroll and downs it all with Ale & Apple Fritters. In South Carolina, he visits the Columbia County Fair, where he takes a bite out of Gator Nuggets with Swamp Sauce. The Hog on a Log makes him squeal with delight, and the Angel and Devil Dogs are dinner and dessert in one heavenly dish.

3-07 Dumplings & Pumpkins--
Noah’s first stop is in Tallahassee, where he feels the burn with Dead Heat Tacos. His next conquest is the Bacon Blast, which takes the snack cake to a whole new level. The gargantuan two and a half-foot Belly Buster Philly Cheesesteak makes him open wide, while Reverend Larry’s Oxtail makes him a believer. Next, he heads over the border to the Erin Fall Fair where he meets up with the original apple dumpling gang for their Ag Ladies Apple Dumplings. Then goes hog wild for Pork Belly Sliders and carries a torch for Crackle Lanterns.

3-08 Sheppard's Pie And Sunday Dinner Sundaes--
Noah Cappe kicks things off at the Big E in West Springfield, Massachusetts, where he ‘meats up’ with a deconstructed Turducken Sandwich and the award-winning Country Fried Shepherds Pie. He ends the day on a sweet note with two desserts: Deep Fried Fruit Punch, which has fair folks saying “Oh yeah!” and local favorite The Big E-clair. Then, at the Gwinnett County Fair, meat is on the menu for every course as Noah chows down on a Sunday Dinner Sundae, piled high with steak and bacon and the Funnel Fried Bacon for dessert.

3-09 Clams And Cannoli--
Mouthwatering midway munchies are on the menu at the Delaware County Fair in Walton where Noah goes wild for the Spaghizza, a tantalizing pasta/pizza hybrid. Then, he packs on the pork with Freshman 15 Fries, snaps to attention for the Veteran’s Clam’s n’ Corn and communes with the Holy Cannoli. Over at the North Georgia State Fair in Marietta, the Slammin’ Salmon Breakfast Biscuit starts Noah’s day off just right. The Bird Dog has Noah begging for more and the Dirt Road Banana Split makes him lick his bowl clean.

3-10 Meat And Mandarins--
The Eastern Carolina Agricultural Fair is home to the Calzagna, a calzone/lasagna combo that has Noah dancing for joy. Then he peels into a Deep Fried Philly Blossom, gets hot for a Smokin’ Okra Burger and investigates the Deep Fried Banana Pudding, a newfangled spin on a Southern classic. Next, he points his compass for California, where he launches into the Atomic Habanero Tots, The Big Yum and a Mandarin Cheesecake Pizza.

3-11 Funnel Cakes And Fried Fudge--
The York Fair has been drawing crowds since 1765 –which means this historic celebration has had 250 years to perfect its carnival eats! Host Noah Cappe decks the halls with a Taste of Christmas – all the trimmings of a holiday dinner on one tasty stick. Then he goes off on the Burger Bomb Pretzel, enjoys a Fork Free Chick’n’Waffle and the patriotic Apple Pie Funnel Cake earns a very big salute. From there, Noah heads to upstate New York to the Steuben County Fair where he attains sandwich nirvana with the Steuben Cuban, feels the burn with Five Alarm Fried Fudge and finds the pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow Sugar Waffle.

3-12 Feast And Fries--
At the Paris Fair, Noah gets a little bit regal with Her Majesty’s Feast, a breakfast sandwich made with potato scones. He ponders a Meat Pie Poutine, and gets down and dirty with the Dirtburger, a double patty bison burger loaded with chili, cheese, gravy and southwest sauce. To finish off his food frenzy, he bites off more than he can chew with the gigantic Maddy Moo’s Wrap Attack. At The Washington County Fair, he taps into Sugar Shack Cotton Candy – spun from real maple sugar, bites into the Buffalo chicken wing influenced Bleu Ribbon Fries and eats himself into knots with the Twisted S’More.

3-13 Hogs And Dogs--
Host Noah Cappe sets sail for the Great Frederick Fair where he goes all in for The Whole Hog, piled high with succulent BBQ pork, baked beans and creamy mac & cheese. Then he finds his sea legs with The Crabby Dog, prepared with fresh Maryland crab. He rounds out his plate with the cherry cheesecake inspired Cake-a-Dilla and dances for joy with the Hula Boat. At New York’s Wyoming County Fair the specialties include the mouthwatering Monster Veggie Wrap, the Mexita and the Exploding Fireball Taffy.


'Dr. Ken' - Episode Guide - Season One

1-01 Pilot--10/02/2015

1-02 The Seminar--10/09/2015

1-03 Ken Helps Pat--10/16/2015

1-04 Kevin O'Connell--10/23/2015

1-05 Halloween-Aversary--10/30/2015

1-06 Ken Teaches Molly A Lesson--11/06/2015

1-07 Dr. Wendi: Coming To LA!--11/13/2015

1-08 Thanksgiving Culture Clash--11/20/2015

1-09 Ken Cries Foul--12/04/2015

1-10 The Master Scheduler--12/11/2015

1-11 Delayed In Honolulu--01/08/2016
The Park family are in the airport on their way home from Hawaii when their flight is delayed for several hours. Ken has an interaction with Dr. Oz that goes awry — and then needs to get the famous TV doctor to switch airplane seats with him.  Meanwhile, Allison gets overly involved in Molly’s love life and accidentally breaks up with her boyfriend via text message, and Dave finds himself in a high-stakes card game with some college students.  Back at Welltopia, it’s “Black Monday,” the clinic’s busiest day of the year, and in Ken’s absence, Julie is the doctor in charge, and Clark and Damona have to help her learn that thoroughness doesn’t have to take forever.
Written by: Mike Sikowitz
Directed by: Anthony Rich
Guest stars: Dr. Mehmet Oz as himself.

1-12 Ken's Physical--01/15/2016
Allison is upset to find out that Ken hasn’t had a physical in years and urges him to do so. Ken asks Julie to sign that he’s had a physical, but Julie insists on doing the real thing due to her
professionalism. After the physical, Julie learns that Ken is suffering from moments of high stress – he blames Allison at first, but then they both realize it’s due to their kids and their growing concerns. Meanwhile, Molly is having trouble holding down a job to earn money to go to skiing, but uses her entrepreneurial spirit to make the den’s bathroom available to a nearby film crew – much to her parents’ dismay.
Written by:
Directed by:
Guest stars:

1-13 --01/22/2016

1-14 D.K. And The Dishwasher--01/29/2016
After Ken’s dad arrives for an impromptu stay, he starts taking on chores that Ken hasn’t gotten around to doing -- like buying and installing a much needed new dishwasher, but then Ken purposefully breaks it. Meanwhile, Damona and Pat hook-up after a drunken night together. But instead of clinging to Damona the next day, Pat makes an announcement that takes Damona by complete surprise.
Written by: Mary Fitzgerald
Directed by: Scott Elias
Guest stars: Dana Lee as D.K. and Rodney J. Hobbs as Delivery Guy

1-15 The Wedding Sitter--02/19/2016

1-16 Meeting Molly's Boyfriend--02/26/2016

1-17 Ken At The Concert--03/04/2016

1-18 Dicky Wexler's Last Show--03/11/2016

1-19 Ken's An Expert Witness--03/18/2016

1-20 Dave's Sex Talk--04/08/2016

1-21 Korean Men's Club--04/15/2016

1-22 Ken Tries Stand Up--04/22/2016