Episode Guide: 'America's Got Talent' - Season Ten

10-01 Auditions--05/26/2015
10-02 Auditions--06/02/2015

10-03 Auditions--06/09/2015

10-04 Auditions--06/16/2015

10-05 Auditions--06/23/2015

10-06 Auditions--06/30/2015

10-07 Auditions--07/07/2015

10-08 Judge Cuts--07/14/2015

10-09 Judge Cuts--07/21/2015

10-10 Judge Cuts--07/28/2015   

10-11 Judge Cuts--08/04/2015

10-12 World's Got Talent--08/05/2015

10-13 Live Round One--08/11/2015

10-14 Live Results One--08/12/2015      

10-15 Live Round Two--08/18/2015

10-16 Live Results Two--08/19/2015 

10-17 Live Round Three--08/25/2015

10-18 Live Results Three--08/26/2015

10-19 Semi-Final One--09/01/2015
Eleven semi-finalists perform live at the world famous Radio City Music Hall for the chance to win the $1 million prize and be named the most talented act in America.

10-20 Semi-Final Results--09/02/2015
The votes are in and just five of the previous night's performers will move on to the Finals. Tonight, viewers will have one last chance to send their favorite act to the Finals by using Google Instant Save. 
10-21 Semi-Final Two--09/08/2015
Eleven semi-finalists perform live for America's vote and the chance to win $1 million and a headlining show in Las Vegas.  

10-22 Semi-Final Results--09/09/2015
The votes are in and five of the previous night's performers will move on to the Finals. Tonight, viewers will have one last chance to send their favorite act to the Finals by using the Dunkin' Instant Save.

Episode Guide: 'Bad Robots' - Season Two

2-01 Episode One

2-02 Episode Two
Pet owners are driven mad by Vet B.O.T. who makes customers beg, sit and wait.

2-03 Episode Three
Border Control B.O.T. is busy interrogating day trippers to the Isle of Wight

'Booze Traveler' - Episode Guide - Season Three

Synopsis: Travel Channel’s Jack Maxwell continues his search for the world’s most interesting beverages and the people who drink them with all-new, fun escapades on “Booze Traveler.” He’ll sail Hobart Harbor in Australia for a taste of the world’s best single malt whiskey, catch spiders in Cambodia to make tarantula wine and drink apple pie moonshine at the Mamou Mardi Gras in Louisiana. (Courtesy Travel Channel, 2016)


3-01 Spirits Of Ol' Mexico--12/12/2016
A trip to Mexico has Jack tasting some award-winning mezcal, working the agave fields for tequila, taking part in an ancient Aztec ceremony, and going on a first date with the Saint of Death.

3-02 The Magic Of Ireland--12/19/2016
Jack Maxwell takes of tour of Ireland that includes Irish coffee, boozy ice cream, road bowling and pints at the pub.

3-03 On The Rocks--12/26/2016
The hunt for a mysterious cocktail in Siberia made from Russia's national spirit, cooled by special ice, comes from a holy place and is blessed by a shaman.

3-04 Florida's Free Spirits--01/02/2017
Joining a wacky rebellion; drinking whiskey out of a dead alligator; dabbling in Haitian Voodoo; sailing a floating tiki-bar; favorite Miami vice.

Playing The Booze In Portugal--03/06/2017
In his quest to understand why the Portuguese can feel so homesick, Jack Maxwell dives for a rare seafood delicacy, visits Dr. Frankenstein's liquor laboratory, unearths the “wine of death” and tastes the crown jewel of Portuguese booze, Port wine.

The Force Of Madagascar--03/13/2017
Jack Maxwell taps into the mysterious energies of Madagascar and drinks its most potent spirits. He meets mystical monkeys, concocts a snake blood cocktail, shakes his booty with a local tribe and makes a boozy offering to a king.

Episode Guide: 'Burgers, Brew And 'Que'




2-04 Spiced, Salty And Succulent
Eddie Jackson introduces a barbecue sandwich in Austin, Texas that has the entire town lined up; a sweet and spicy burger creation in Jersey City, NJ; in Louisville, Ky., a pastrami spiced sandwich and dessert with a refreshing local brew.

Episode Guide: 'Alaska Monsters' - Season Two

2-01 Episode One--09/19/2015

The monster-hunting team heads to Zone 29 of the Alaska Triangle, near Coldfoot, where the dangerous Yeti known as the Siberian Giant was reportedly responsible for the notorious massacre of nine hikers. After meeting an ice fisherman who had an encounter with the Bigfoot, the Midnight Sons trek 40 miles from civilization to find out where this monster is living. While battling frostbite and the brutal terrain, the team devises a plan to lure the creature to them, using one of the team members as bait.