Episode Guide: 'The Good Wife' - Season Two

The Good Wife
Synopsis: The Good Wife is a drama starring Emmy Award winner Julianna Margulies as a wife and mother who boldly assumes full responsibility for her family and re-enters the workforce after her husband's very public sex and political corruption scandal lands him in jail.

Pushing aside the betrayal and crushing public humiliation caused by her husband, Peter, Alicia Florrick starts over by pursuing her original career as a defense attorney. As a junior associate at a prestigious Chicago law firm, she joins her longtime friend, former law school classmate and firm partner Will Gardner, who is interested in rekindling their former relationship. The firm's top litigator and other partner, Diane Lockhart, likes Alicia's work and her connections so she and Will award her with a full-time associate position following a trial period.  Alicia beat out Cary Agos, a clever young attorney who takes a job in the state's attorney's office, now bitter and vengeful. Alicia finds an ally and a friend in Kalinda, the firm's tough and mysterious in-house investigator.

Gaining confidence every day, Alicia transforms herself from embarrassed politician's scorned wife to resilient career woman, especially for the sake of providing a stable home for her children, 14-year-old Zach and 13-year-old Grace.  Now that Peter is back home and planning to run for office again with help from Eli Gold, his cunning image consultant, Alicia continues to redefine herself and her role in her family's life. (Courtesy CBS, 2010)

2-01 Taking Control--09/28/2010

Written by:
Directed by:
Guest stars:

2-02 Double Jeopardy--10/05/2010

Written by:
Directed by: James Whitmore
Guest stars:

2-03 Breaking Fast--10/12/2010
A multi-million dollar malicious prosecution suit leads to an explosive confrontation between Alicia and Glenn Childs.  Meanwhile, Alicia's brother, Owen, visits after his questionable remarks about Peter goes viral online and makes Eli apoplectic.
Written by: Corinne Brinkerhoff
Directed by: James Whitmore Jr.
Guest stars: Michael Ealy as Derrick Bond; Scott Porter as Blake; Dallas Roberts as Owen Cavanaugh; Anika Noni Rose as Wendy Scott-Carr; Bobby Steggert as Wyatt Stevens Jr.; David Pittu as Spencer Roth, Priscilla Lopez as Judge Christina de la Piedra; Jessica Stone as Meg Malden; Glenn Fleshler as Carol Landers; Rebecca Brooksher as Lana Timmerman; Benjamin Eakeley as Damian; Stephanie Kurtzuba as Defense Attorney; Keren Dukes as Student #1 and Jason Ralph as Student #2.

2-04 Cleaning House--10/19/2010
Alicia risks disbarment when Childs' office suspects her of an ethics violation, which could also ruin Peter's political campaign.  Meanwhile, a third candidate is revealed in the campaign for state's attorney.
Written by: Robert and Michelle King
Directed by: Rosemary Rodriguez
Guest stars: Michael Ealy as Derrick Bond; Scott Porter as Blake; Corbin Bleu as Javier Berlin; Nick Wyman as Andre Baylon; Griffin Dunne as Judge Jared Quinn; Edward Herrmann as Lionel Deerfield; Mamie Gummer as Nancy Crozier; Lisa Banes as Georgia McGowen; Jason Fuchs as Paul Dylan; Amy Hohn as Helen Donato; Anika Noni Rose as Wendy Scott-Carr; Elizabeth Reaser as Tammy; Bobby Moreno as Joe The Custodian; Sonequa Martin as Courtney Wells; Roslyn Ruff as Poetess and Charleigh Parker as Bailiff.

2-05 VIP Treatment--10/26/2010
Alicia and the partners must decide whether to take on the case of a VIP massage therapist who accuses a Nobel Peace Prize winner of sexual assault.  Meanwhile, Peter and Eli try to figure out what Wendy's candidacy means for their campaign
Written by: Robert and Michelle King
Directed by: Michael Zinberg
Guest stars: Michael Ealy as Derrick Bond; Scott Porter as Blake, Vernon Jordan as Himself; Natalie Knepp as Lara; Frederick Weller as Wilk Hobson; Kate Burton as Judge Victoria Adler; Anika Noni Rose as Wendy Scott-Carr; Elizabeth Reaser as Tammy; Sonequa Martin as Courtney Wells; Ramon Camin as Reiley The Valet; Jon Fletcher as Boy and Arianna Hoeppner as Sabrina Potter. 

2-06 Poisoned Pill--11/09/2010
2-07 Bad Girls--11/16/2010
2-08 On Tap--11/23/2010

2-09 Nine Hours--12/14/2010

2-10 Breaking Up--01/11/2011

2-11 Two Courts--01/18/2011
2-12 Silly Season--02/01/2011

2-13 Real Deal--02/08/2011
2-14 Net Worth--02/15/2011
2-15 Silver Bullet--02/22/2011

2-16 Great Firewall--03/01/2011

2-17 Ham Sandwich--03/22/2011

2-18 Killer Song--03/29/2011

2-19 Wrongful Termination--04/05/2011

2-20 Foreign Affairs--04/12/2011

2-21 In Sickness--05/03/2011

2-22 Getting Off--05/10/2011

2-23 Closing Arguments--05/17/2011