Episode Guide: 'James May Man Lab' - Season Two

Premiered on BBC2

2-01 Episode One--10/25/2011
James and Oz escape HMP Dartmoor and go orienteering; James builds a pool table, draws a portrait and shows how difficult it is to remember names of party guests. The celebrity guest is Oz Clarke.

2-02 Episode Two--11/01/2011
James reunites Love Fungus, an indie rock band that split up 20 years ago, at the High Voltage Festival; fells a tree to make toilet paper and goes ghost hunting in Lympne Castle, Kent.

2-03 Episode Three--11/08/2011
James casts a lemon squeezer using a home made furnace, teaches how to cheat at playing guitar, launches the ashes of late pets into outer space, and promotes the boiler suit as the only necessary clothing needed by the modern man.

2-04 Episode Four--11/15/2011
James attempts to prove an Englishman can score a penalty, builds a coracle out of willow, creates a greenhouse in the toilets, and builds a multifunctional "Swiss Army Bike". Celebrity guest: Neil Ruddock

2-05 Episode Five--12/18/2011
James and Oz attempt to make it snow; James shows how to cook christmas dinner using strict timing and legislation, how to make an exciting christmas cracker and how to decorate a christmas tree without using a step ladder.