Episode Guide: '30 Days' - Season Two

Synopsis: What better way to give people a crash course in empathy than to have them inhabit somebody else's life for 30 days? That's exactly what Super Size Me director and star Morgan Spurlock does on this popular FX Network show. Season 2 opens with "a border-patrolling minuteman" moving in with an undocumented Mexican family and continues with episodes on abortion, New Age healing, prisons (with Spurlock himself spending time behind bars) and more.

The Episodes:
2-01 Immigration
A man who opposes illegal immigration spends 30 days with a family of illegal immigrants.

2-02 Outsourcing
An unemployed American ventures to India for 30 days to observe the effects of job outsourcing on the Indian culture.

2-03 Atheist/Christian
A female atheist spends 30 days living with a fundamentalist Christian family

2-04 New Age
Seeking relief from his hectic lifestyle, a man spends 30 days using New Age methods to improve his personal well-being.

2-05 Pro-Choice/Pro-Life
Six years after having an abortion, a pro-choice woman spends 30 days living with pregnant women in a pro-life housing unit.

2-06 Jail
Morgan Spurlock undertakes a challenge himself and attempts to spend 30 days locked up in a county jail.