Episode Guide: '30 Days' - Season One

Synopsis: Supersize Me director and star Morgan Spurlock created and hosts this "do-gooding" reality series that attempts to up participants' empathy quotients -- and provoke discussion among viewers -- by immersing them in someone else's reality for a month. Not one to shy away from experience, Spurlock himself joins in the action, going to work in the coal mines of his native West Virginia and attempting to survive on minimum wage for 30 days.

The Episodes
1-01 Minimum Wage
Morgan Spurlock and his fiancée leave their fabulous New York lifestyles and work at multiple minimum-wage jobs for 30 days earning $5.15 per hour.

1-02 Anti-Aging
A 30-something former athlete battles back at his expanding waistline by going on an anti-aging drug regime prescribed by a doctor for 30 days.

1-03 Muslims And America
David Stacy, a 33-year-old Christian man, agrees to make a drastic life change for 30 days when he moves to the Muslim community of Dearborn, Mich.

1-04 Straight Man In A Gay World
A conservative homophobe from red-state America travels to San Francisco's Castro District to live in one of the gayest areas of the country.

1-05 Off The Grid
Two 30-year-old professionals learn to live without the natural resources that will be depleted from our earth in the not-too-distant future.

1-06 Binge-Drinking Mom
A mother concerned about her daughter's alcohol consumption at college agrees to binge drink for 30 days to try to get through to her.