Episode Guide: 'Dangerous Grounds' - Season Two

2-01 Mexican Motherlode--01/28/2014
Todd Carmichael’s company, La Colombe, regularly does business with chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, one of the top culinary talents in New York City.  When Carmichael is suddenly on the verge of losing a deal with Jean-Georges, his single biggest restaurant client, Carmichael heads to Guerrero – the most dangerous region in Mexico ruled by a ruthless drug syndicate known as Los Zetas.  Carrying $20,000 in cash to purchase coffee from local farmers, Carmichael seeks out a local vigilante that can guide him to the secret source of a rumored wine-like coffee.  But when his vigilante contact ends up allegedly murdered, Carmichael quickly learns he must blend in with the locals to avoid a similar fate.  With everything on the line, Carmichael must rely on new Mexican allies to discover the legendary coffee and return home with enough of it to close the deal with Jean-Georges.