Episode Guide: 'The Simpons' - Season Twenty Five

25-01 Homerland--09/29/2013
25-02 Treehouse of Horror XXIV--10/06/2013

25-03 Four Regrettings And A Funeral--11/03/2013

25-04 YOLO--11/10/2013

25-05 Labor Pains--11/17/2013

25-06 The Kid Is All Right--11/24/2013

25-07 Yellow Subterfuge--12/08/2013

25-08 White Christmas Blues--12/15/2013
Springfield is inundated with holiday revelers after the nuclear power plant springs a radiation leak, causing snow to fall all over town. When the tourists drive up Christmas shopping prices, Marge (Julie Kavner) opens up the Simpsons’ house to boarders.