Episode Guide: 'Chosen' - Season Two

2-01 Second Chances
Season two of Crackle’s original series picks up with Jacob Orr, a down-and-out bartender who is struggling to make ends meet as he takes care of his handicapped brother. On the way home from a party thrown by his millionaire best friend, Max, Jacob finds “the box” on his passenger seat. After being shot at by another “hunter,” Jacob quickly realizes that he has been thrust into the deadly game. Meanwhile Laura and her daughter wait for something at a seedy motel.

2-02 Heroes and Villains
After surviving his first night in the game, Jacob tries to figure out what he’s just been thrown into. He decides to confront his first target directly. Laura frantically searches for a missing Ellie and discovers they’re not alone.

2-03 Right At Your Door
While Ian, Laura and Ellie set out to go off the grid and face obstacles along the way, Jacob leaves Leslie empty handed and sick. Avery rushes to his aid just in time, bringing him back to his apartment only to find Jacob, his brother King and herself in an even more dire situation.

2-04 Killers
Jacob and company start to see just how deep the rabbit hole goes. Ian takes the family to an isolated cabin, hoping nobody will find them. As Jacob and Avery come ever closer together, Jacob is unexpectedly rewarded.

2-05 Collision Course
Laura and Ian try to make the best of their situation. Jacob decides not to play the game and places himself and everyone around him in danger. He discovers a terrible secret about the people behind the game.

2-06 Protect Your Own
Hurt and desperate, Jacob learns why he has been chosen and that one way or another, he will have to play. Ian tries to save his family from an unseen hunter as Jacob desperately fights for his brother’s life.