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Twitter Removes Kanye West Tweet

16 September, 2020

On Wednesday afternoon, Twitter removed a tweet from Kanye West. He joins Donald Trump as the second US presidential candidate to have a post removed for violating the social media platform’s rules.

The tweet that was removed called Randall Lane, the chief content officer and editor of Forbes Magazine, a "white supremacist" and included his personal phone number, which is against a Twitter rule that prohibits the public posting of personal information on the service.

West's presidential campaign is seen as more of an attempt to siphon black votes away from the Democrats in the November election than as a legitimate attempt to win the office. West hasn't made any campaign appearances since he announced his run and many of the attempts to get his name on state ballots around the country have been organized by lawyers and businesspeople associated with the Republican Party and/or with the Trump for President campaign.

Also, in a string of Tweets on Wednesday regarding his recording deals, West uploaded his alleged Universal Records contracts and once again referred to the music industry as "modern-day slavery."  IN the tweets, he repeatedly asked for the right to buy his masters, which he said he could afford to buy.