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Show Guide: '90 Day Bares All'

Written by 04 January, 2021

Synopsis: Get ready for your favorite 90 Day couples to bare it all -- the lies, the secrets and everything we couldn't show on TV. Hosted by Shaun Robinson, this companion series to 90 Day Fiance puts cast members in the hot seat -- completely uncensored! (Courtesy Discovery+, 2021)

The Episodes:
Season One Episode Guide (Discovery+)
1-01 Brandon And Tarik--01/04/2021
90 Day Fiance's Brandon discusses his parents' rules for sex in the house.

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Movies And Specials: 'Onision: In Real Life'

Written by 03 January, 2021

Synopsis: In the fall of 2019, the internet was transfixed with allegations against one of Youtube’s biggest and most controversial stars, Onision. Women came forward accusing him of unconscionable behavior, and the digital world swirled with rumors. But after weeks of frantic attention, there was a sudden quiet. And the mystery remained: what did Onision really do? 

It all started when Greg Jackson, known to the world as "Onision," discovered YouTube. The platform was still gaining popularity, and as the power of YouTube grew, the character “Onision” grew with it. Jackson amassed millions of subscribers across multiple channels, luring in viewers with his off kilter, opinionated and often dark humor. But while his wildly popular channels were twisted, what was going on in his real life appears more sinister, and, according to his accusers, possibly criminal.

According to one of his accusers, Jackson is the type of man who knows the legal age of consent in every state. It is alleged that he and his partner have manipulated relationships with minors, later sexualizing these relationships once they’ve reached legal age. Jackson is known for communicating with fans online, which, observers say, has only made it easier for him to find, connect and correspond with young admirers. He has had multiple relationships with fans, some public, some more private. But now women are coming forward saying they were coerced, claiming they had been groomed, manipulated and preyed upon by the YouTuber. Law enforcement is investigating, but as more accusers come forward, so do more questions.

Onision: In Real Life covers every twist in this saga as it continues to unfold in real time.  Featuring exclusive interviews with his father, Randy Jackson; his ex-fiancé, Shiloh; and acclaimed television journalist Chris Hansen; each episode puts Jackson’s past under the microscope, dissecting his bizarre antics, vicious behavior and alleged predatory actions. The series also includes poignant interviews with other accusers, investigators and YouTubers, as well as vast archival content from Onision’s own channels. The series explores the mystery, controversy and alleged misconduct surrounding Greg Jackson, begging the question:  in a world abounding with influencers, what happens when one goes too far? (Courtesy Discovery+, 2020)

Production Credits:
Onision: In Real Life is produced for discovery+ by Blackfin, an eOne company. At Blackfin, Geno McDermott is executive producer and Grace Miller is showrunner.

The Episodes:
Season One Episode Guide (Discovery+)
1-01 Banana Power--01/04/2021
Onision becomes YouTube famous, but his antics soon polarize the platform.

1-02 Episode Two--01/11/2021

1-03 Episode Three--01/18/2021

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Movies And Specials: 'The Making Of Magnolia Table With Joanna Gaines'

Written by 31 December, 2020

Synopsis: Fans of Chip and Joanna Gaines will get the opportunity to see a little more of what the couple has been working on for their new Magnolia Network channel in this special. viewers will see just how Chip and Joanna transform a historic gristmill into the stunning home of Joanna's new cooking show.

It premiered Sunday, January 3rd, 2021.

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Movies And Specials: 'Noemi Gold'

Written by 16 November, 2020

Synopsis: Noemí Gold follows Noemí Goldberg who, after experiencing what she believes to be an allergic reaction to Misoprostol (commonly known as the abortion pill), Noemí seeks out the help of a gynecologist, who promptly reports her to the police. To Noemí’s relief, she is not charged with any crime— attempted abortion is not a prosecutable offense in Argentina—and to her dismay, she’s still pregnant. This news coincides with the arrival of Noemí’s estranged cousin from Los Angeles, a social media influencer with millions of followers and dubious talent. With little support from her scatter-brained roommate and self-involved circle of friends, Noemí has only herself to rely on while navigating her present straits.

Noemí Gold was nominated for Best Film at the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Film in 2019 and was an official selection at both Cinema Ciudad de México Film Festival and the Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam. (Courtesy Topic, 2020)

The Cast:
Catalina Beraducci
Paula Astorga
Daniel Powell
Dan Rubenstein
Alex Bach

Production Credits:
Written and directed by Dan Rubenstein.

It premiered Thursday, November 19th, 2020 on Topic.

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Movies And Specials: 'My Lottery Dream Home: Holiday Extravaganza'

Synopsis: David Bromstad will show fans how to deck the halls like a lottery winner—but on a realistic budget. The popular HGTV designer will transform a living room into a lush Christmas tree forest, set a spectacular tablescape for a festive dinner party and adorn a home’s exterior with so much holiday razzle dazzle that the whole neighborhood will cheer. (Courtesy HGTV, 2020)

It premiered Friday, December 11th, 2020 on HGTV.

Movies And Specials: 'The One And Only Ivan'

Synopsis: An adaptation of the award-winning book about one very special gorilla, Disney’s “The One and Only Ivan” is an unforgettable tale about the beauty of friendship, the power of visualization and the significance of the place one calls home. Ivan is a 400-pound silverback gorilla who shares a communal habitat in a suburban shopping mall with Stella the elephant, Bob the dog, and various other animals. He has few memories of the jungle where he was captured, but when a baby elephant named Ruby arrives, it touches something deep within him. Ruby is recently separated from her family in the wild, which causes him to question his life, where he comes from and where he ultimately wants to be. The heartwarming adventure, which comes to the screen in an impressive hybrid of live-action and CGI, is based on Katherine Applegate’s bestselling book, which won numerous awards upon its publication in 2013, including the Newbery Medal. (Courtesy Disney+, 2020)

The Cast:
Sam Rockwell as the voice of Ivan
Angelina Jolie as the voice of Stella
Danny DeVito as the voice of Bob the dog
Helen Mirren as the voice of Snickers the poodle
Brooklynn Prince as the voice of Ruby
Ramon Rodriquez as the mall employee George
Ariana Greenblatt as George’s daughter Julia
Chaka Khan as the voice of Henrietta the chicken
Mike White as the voice of Frankie the seal
Ron Funches as the voice of Murphy the rabbit
Phillipa Soo as the voice of Thelma the parrot
Bryan Cranston as Mack, the mall’s owner.

Production Credits:
The One and Only Ivan is directed by Thea Sharrock from a screenplay by Mike White based on Applegate’s book and is produced by the late Allison Shearmur, Angelina Jolie and Brigham Taylor. Sue Baden-Powell and Thea Sharrock serve as executive producers. 

It premiered Friday, August 14th, 2020 on Disney+