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Nielsen Releases Kinda, Somewhat Accurate Weekly SVOD Ratings

03 September, 2020

For the first time, Nielsen released weekly SVOD "ratings," although there are enough caveats to make it almost useless. It only measures Netflix and Amazon viewing. And only in the U.S. And since they count "viewing" as watching two minutes of a show, the list is going to naturally favor broadcast shows that have a hundred or more episodes. It also only counts viewing that is done via a TV or connected television. Which leaves all mobile and tablet viewing out of the numbers.

All of that being said, it's fascinating to see the Netflix original "The Umbrella Academy" lead the list. Especially since it only has 20 episodes spread over two seasons. I also wonder if the fact that the list ignores mobile skews the demographics of the viewers who are included. I would assume they are somewhat older than mobile viewers, which might account for some of the broadcast TV program viewing.