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'Big Brother 22' Recap: Eviction Night 3: Will It Be Bye-Bye Janelle? (08/27/2020)

27 August, 2020

Big Brother! Why do you have to be on the same channel as the Carolina Panthers? And why did we have to have Fan Day Virtually last night from 7:00 to 9:00 P. M. I guess Big Brother just wasn’t important enough. I did record it but just haven’t had the heart to watch yet. I figured it was more of the same.

The Feeds
From what I can tell, while it looked like Janelle might gain ground, she lost it because of David. It seems David has a big mouth and went around talking about people’s alliances. That’s a “no-no” unless it is the Big Brother alliance and you are a member. This has turned the tide against David in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Janelle seems to be spending her last day building up the confidence of Da’Vonne and Bayleigh. Of course, those two have lost out in the alliance game as they have been pegged as giving David information.

The Show
Tonight is eviction night but first, we have to have a recap. Julie opens and we see behind her on the screen that Christmas is still playing mom with a “star” baby. How many did she end up with anyway? Julie reminds us that Janelle is a legend and shows us what Janelle will do to stay. We’re told that Janelle has made a larger target on her back by her game this week. Kaysar knows it will be hard but he needs to do everything to stay also.

While Tyler knows that getting rid of Janelle may be good but it does put a bigger target on his back. Kaysar meanwhile talks to Christmas. Christmas tells Kevin that she doesn’t know what to do. Guess what he doesn’t either.

Later the Enzo alliance meets. Remember the Enzo has Bayleigh and Da’Vonne who are out of sorts about the number of girls who have left. If Janelle leaves, that is another woman. Da’Vonne feels (and knows) that she and Bayleigh will be at the bottom of the alliance. Dani promises that a guy will go next week. 

Apparently, during the final days, the rookie David has a big mouth and tells Da’Vonne then Bayleigh about the thought of flipping the vote last week and blaming them for it. He also names the alliance that they’re in with Tyler. This upsets first Tyler and then Cody. Da’Vonne actually wants Cody out and he knows it. So the big mouth rookie, David, spills everything and confirms to Tyler that he did. I knew David would be a wild card but not this type. I thought he knew something about the game by now but evidently not. Not only has he hurt Cody and Tyler’s game, but he’s also raised the stakes by admitting that he told Da’Vonne and Bayleigh. Has he destroyed the alliance? It’s only a matter of time anyway. Maybe if he did, the game will get better.

Da’Vonnie and Bayleigh are totally confused. Da’Vonnie isn’t there to teach anyone so David is on her hit list because he was talking about last week’s almost vote flip. Bayleigh knows that she needs Da’Vonnie in the game with her. As this escalates, Cody finds out from Tyler how David is blowing the game. Now the two of them have to do some alliance control. Colby sees the rookie as blowing everything up. In fact Da’Vonne feels that David is wanting her to teach him the game and she’s not there to do that for anyone! No Da’Vonnie is in this game for herself as is every other houseguest.

The Eviction
Janelle tells them they are cool, she wants to stay if she can benefit their game. Kaysar meanwhile again compliments the other guests. He tells them he wanted to play again to have an impact. Both were classy but now for the vote. Tyler cannot vote. Neither can the nominees. And Julie is shocked by the first vote as Dani votes to evict Kaysar and not Janelle. She even goes “What” to us and wonders how that happened. The vote is nine votes to evict Janelle (Nicole, Da’Vonne, Memphis, Bayleigh, Cody, Christmas with a baby star, David, Kevin, and Ian. Enzo joins Dani in voting out Kaysar. I know Enzo likes to throw a questioning vote but why did Dani. She’s Janelle’s friend and had told all that Janelle had to go. I’m going to be interested in hearing what Evel Dick has to say about this!

Janelle is now on stage with Julie who has much to say to Janelle. Julie offers this comfort: Janelle, do you hear that! It’s the fans screaming, not Janelle (paraphrased of course). Janelle planned to wear an evening gown but wore a different dress in case she stayed. Janelle is asked who kept her and she first thought Da’Vonne and Bayleigh. She finally (on the third try) gets Dani and Enzo. She’s confused and so is Julie. Julie says Enzo likes to do this type of voting as he showed last week. Janelle wanted to work with Tyler but Kaysar didn’t. Julie confirms who are the core four. Janelle is told that Christmas and Memphis are the other two who helped get her evicted. 

Goodbyes are played. Bayleigh gave a heartfelt message. Cody says it was because she was coming after him. Nicole said she thought they were good friends and rescinded the invitation to Nicole’s wedding. Kaysar promises that the alliance will pay but Janelle gets upset. He doesn’t know all the members and will tell Memphis. Julie tells her that Da’Vonne, Bayleigh, and Kevin wanted to keep her but couldn’t make waves. 

Head of House Competition
This week has Tyler not competing. The Safety Suite is closed. Carnival Quick Shot has the house guests divided into two groups of six. Each has three balls and must roll the ball up the incline to sink their three balls into the holes at the top of the ramp. The first three advances. The second six compete. Then the final six will play each other. The game isn’t easy and as we leave, we see Kaysar has made it the finals. Julie’s words for the night: “Be kind.”  

So who will win Head of Household?

Can Kaysar maintain his ability and take out some of the Core 4?

Will he spill the beans to Memphis making Kaysar an even bigger target.

We’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out (unless you read the live updates that is).

'Big Brother 22' Recap - Tyler Fails To Make A Big Move! (08/23/2020)

23 August, 2020

With the memory of Memphis’ HoH fresh in our minds, Big Brother fans are wondering what will happen next. Will Tyler, who won HoH on Thursday, be as bad as Memphis or will he aim to get the old-schoolers out first? For Big Brother fans, the real questions are: Will this be a boring week? Are the alliances still in effect? And will Tyler make a big move???

First from the feeds

New Alliance: 4 Prime of Ian, Dani, Cody, and Nicole F. was formed. They were debating adding Tyler as a possible 5th (and the first of their group to go). No word on whether Prime 5 is in place. And there is a Lipstick Alliance but Dani ran through the group so fast. I think this is what they called Enzo’s alliance. 

Now on with the Show

Kaysar and Janelle feel that they are in jeopardy (oh really?) and David is jubilant. Please, he’s much too happy. Cody is happy and plans to talk to Tyler about nominating Janelle and Kaysar although the thoughts were originally of Baleigh and Da’Vonne. Whoops! Cody must have forgotten about that alliance. Cody is worried that the girls might think there is an all-boy alliance if another girl goes. Meanwhile, Da’Vonne feels comfortable with Tyler in charge due to her alliance with Tyler (through the Enzo crew and an agreement of three with Tyler). Tyler comes out to announce the new “Have Nots.” David doesn’t know who to pick and so Enzo goes in. Christmas choose Bayleigh. Nicole F. chooses Janelle. Ian, I think, picked Cody. This was set up before by the alliance. Nicole just announced her choice bluntly and Janelle was not amused. 

Janelle tells us that Nicole F. has been after her since day one and the tension has just grown. Of course, Janelle. Janelle is also upset about the reason: “you talk about me.” Well, Nicole talks about Janelle so it’s only fair. Janelle talks to Kaysar and they know something is up. Both still feel bitter against Memphis. When Memphis comes in to take a nap, they tell him that they know about the alliances and maybe he isn’t in as good as others. They hint that for his sake, Memphis needs to save one of them if he wins. 

Enzo seems to be having problems with the bathroom. He has tried the bidet and got water everywhere. So they had few clips to show, I guess?

As the show progresses, Kaysar and Janelle remember 15 years ago. They’re talking about the difference of then and now. Back then, from the clip, we find they were even different from the “freaks” in the house then. That crew wanted fun (I guess). The difference is that the new schoolers now think too much don’t go against the HoH. Janelle feels that they are the strongest team in the house and they promise each other to do anything they have to do to survive. 

In the HoH room, the Alliance is meeting (the Cody, Christmas (I think), Tyler, and Nicole F). Tyler is upset because Janelle and Kaysar have picked up on the fact that he’s working with them and David and spreading the story. (And where was Dani/Enzo/Memphis during this meeting). The Alliance is discussing what to do. Oh, and Dani overheard the alliances being talked about by Janelle and Kaysar.

Safety Suite
It’s time to play the Safety Suite. Enzo, Nicole F., Tyler, Dani, and Memphis can play. Da’Vonne is not concerned about any of the ones playing. Da’Vonne wants a costume though so she begs to be the plus one (why I don’t know). She goes to all and asks to be the plus one and Enzo first agrees to calm her down.

The game is called Stealing Safety. They must work their way through a laser field to steal safety (a large rubber ball) and return through the laser field to ring the buzzer. Nicole F, Memphis, Enzo, Dani, and Cody play. Enzo wins and has chosen Christmas as his plus one. Enzo does this to strengthen his alliance with her. Da’Vonne meanwhile is upset and now is suspicious and doesn’t trust Enzo. Well, it’s called Big Brother. You plan your strategy as you go and don’t worry about costumes.

Memphis who will “save” her is he wins. Enzo isn’t happy. He’s going to try and calm her down. Nicole F. is using it. She feels if she doesn’t that she will appear in an alliance. Dani and Tyler are talking. Memphis is the one Kaysar wins and uses it on Janelle. Memphis is planning not to win. He feels if he doesn’t play they will know he’s in an alliance. Tyler doesn’t have to play. Enzo is now in. And so is Dani. Da’Vonne wants that safety. This makes the others suspicious. Tyler is happy as it proves that Enzo trusts him.

After Safety Suite they are talking about how paranoid Janelle and Kaysar are. I think they’re also wondering what is going on with Da’Vonne. Later, Tyler enters the HoH room to find Kaysar there. That was so impolite Kaysar to enter HoH without being asked. It’s a new school rule. Kaysar wants to offer a plan but Tyler seems to shut him down by saying he’s heard his name had come out of Kaysar’s mouth with alliances. Janelle changes it up by saying if she stays, she will be a target or shield for Tyler. While this is true, Tyler can’t make that kind of move due to his alliance. Tyler does sees Janelle remaining as being good for him.

And the Nominations Are
Nomination Ceremony happens. Tyler has chosen Kaysar and Janelle as the alliance wants. Tyler made the choice because they tried to flip the votes last week and spreading information. Janelle and Kaysar aren’t happy. Tyler had to make a move so he did. Kaysar is accepting but is already thinking ahead. Janelle is planning to make the day interesting. She’s feeling she must win.

Quote for the night comes from Tyler:
“Big Brother fans don’t want lying, cutthroat game. That’s Old School. They need someone to root for.” Okay, Tyler! Newsflash! The fans are finding the show boring and can find no one to root for. Give us some action or you may be chosen.

'Big Brother 22' Recap - Memphis Reign Is Through (08/20/2020)

20 August, 2020

Big Brother always has a Head of Household that gets too power-hungry. Usually, it around week five. This year, Memphis got the power and it went straight to his head. Because next week is the last week of Safety Suite, he decided he wanted an easy win. How do you do that on Big Brother? You get everyone else to play the second round with threats of eviction. If you get crossed, which Memphis did, you take revenge on the weakest (or is it newest) players. David never got to play last year and Nicole A. slipped through the cracks to finish third. Neither one could be considered a big move. Fans of Big Brother expects more but Big Brother 22 isn’t giving it to us. Memphis lost his shot when he didn’t make a big play by taking out legends like Kaysar, Janelle, Ian or Nicole F. Sure Ian had safety but there were still three other big targets in the Big Brother 22 house.

Tonight we will see more of Nicole A.’s tears. She’s mad at the world but it’s really her own fault. She didn’t align with anyone and the only ones she seemed to gravitate to were old school and outsiders. She should have learned the lesson of following the crowd. Of course, this year who knows who is really in the crowd (or as Janelle says – the In-Crowd).

Pre-Elimination Recap
Big Brother All-Stars as usual starts with a recap. Tonight, we see Memphis also aligning with Kaysar and Janelle. Does he not have an alliance with anyone? Oh, well, let’s just hurry through this recap and get on with the ejection. 

Julie is on a quiet stage again and there is no audience. She reminds us that Memphis wanted people to sweat. Hey, Memphis! Two people are not everyone. The only one with water (tears not sweat) is Nicole A. Also, does Memphis have to be so smug about the power. Nicole F. is looking to take Janelle out. Memphis says he’s staying as neutral as possible. If so, he doesn’t understand that Big Brother is about playing for yourself, making big moves, and not to keep things neutral.

As Nicole A. starts campaigning, you see that she would have been out earlier if last season if she hadn’t had an ally in the know last year. She just doesn’t seem to know what to say. Da’Vonne is the first we see, and she’s not choosing Nicole A. over David even if Da’Vonne likes her. Nicole has the read of the house wrong and there’s no changing it now. Kaysar and Janelle see the four-person alliance but seem clueless of Bayleigh/Da’Vonne and Christmas/Nicole F.’s position in the mix. Kaysar also has a misread with Memphis/Cody who “looks” to be running the house. Easily, Tyler, Nicole F, or Dani could start pulling the strings of the alliance. The real leader hasn’t stepped up because those two are just too into themselves. Of course, word gets back to David who looks like he just fell down a warp hole. He evidently is more clueless than Nicole A. I guess his meditation seems to get in the way of reading the house. David also doesn’t seem to need anyone else’s help. He could give lessons in how to lose the game.

Kaysar and Janelle are trying to figure out a way to keep Nicole A. They have Kevin but they need three others. Nicole A. sees herself as expendable even with Kaysar and Janelle. Everywhere Nicole A. turns she finds out that Janelle and Kaysar may have been a bad friendship move on her part. Kaysar and Janelle is beginning to worry about keeping themselves safe and Nicole A. is a vote for them. Janelle cries and tells us in Diary Room that she sees Nicole A. as a little sister.

The Vote
Julie goes to the house to talk to the nominees and tells Dani ‘happy birthday.’ Now David and Nicole A. can plea their case. David is first and he’s talking in what appears to me to be circles. He should have just said I want to stay. Nicole A. does a shout out. She admires Janelle and Kaysar and tells the rest to vote what they think. She also takes on Memphis who just sits there and laughs.

The house guests start voting with Tyler first. I’m not going to get into particulars but the final vote is Nicole A. 10 votes (Tyler, Christmas, Janelle, Da’Vonne, Kaysar, Bayleigh, Cody, Ian, Nicole F, and Dani) and David, two (Enzo and Kevin). Even though she had promised, they reneged but Nicole kept it classy. She even hugged Memphis. I hope she trashes him on air. Plus, everyone will think it was Janelle and Kaysar who voted against the house. Enzo surprises me. We didn’t even see him this week.

Julie talks to Nicole A. about her gameplay. She questions Nicole A. on her attitude to Janelle not helping her. Nicole A. was being told that Janelle was mean and Nicole A. says it got in her head. She was asked who was in the alliance and missed Christmas and Dani. Nicole A. is surprised. Kaysar calls her a sweetheart in the goodbyes. Da’Vonne tells her it wasn’t about her. Janelle tells her that she’s sorry. Kevin is upset and tells her she was played. Julie stresses to Nicole A. that Janelle had her back and even cried over it. That seemed to make Nicole A. feel better.

Head of Household Competition
The Head of Household is getting ready to start. It seems to be throwing glasses filled with “beer” down a table. Memphis can not compete. The official name of this game is Mug Shot. They must slide their glasses down three tables and hope the glass doesn’t go off. The one with the highest score and, in the event of a tie, the best time will win. They only have 30 seconds. Cody starts off with a four but I really don’t think that will be good enough. Sure enough, Enzo is next and scores an eight. David and Christmas are next but neither can beat Enzo with Christmas scoring the same as Enzo but missing on time. Da’Vonne and Kevin do not do well but Ian comes up and scores a 10. Ian is not in the lead. Nicole F and Dani do not do well and Tyler steps up to the plate for the alliance. He scores a 12 and takes the lead. He only has to wait out Bayleigh, Janelle, and Kaysar. While Janelle does well, she can’t beat Tyler while Kaysar is not doing well at all. Tyler is this week’s Head of Household. Will the power go to his head like it did Cody and Memphis?

Who will Tyler nominate as he has alliances with everyone?

Are Janelle and Kaysar ready for the block?

And will Nicole F. or Christmas make Janelle a “have not”? 

We will find out on Sunday. Or check the feeds if you cannot wait.

'Big Brother 22' Recap: Memphis Takes Control Looking For Revenge (08/16/2020)

16 August, 2020

So Big Brother tonight was basically the results of the Head of Household competition from Thursday. We get Memphis who quickly gets a big head. We get Cody playing his second in command. We get the rest of them eyeing each other. Big Brother is big on alliances but this time around none in the alliance seems to trust the others. But more on that later.


The show has no big move on alliances but on what I call the second string. They seem to be intact as I listed them on Thursday so I won’t say anything here. Memphis though now thinks he controls their every action. They must/should follow his commands or possibly face the nominations.


Da’Vonne in Diary Room after talking to Bayleigh, Dani, and Kevin about the stereotypical roles assigned to African Americans from birth. This was something Bayleigh talked about with Da’Vonne, Dani and Kevin listening. Very emotional for Da’Vonne.

Nicole A — at the end of the show over nominations. She cried not only in the Diary Room but it looks like in several rooms in the house. Let’s just count this three and say it is normal under the circumstances.

Memphis – Head of House

You have to wonder when someone gets named Head of House on Big Brother how long it will be before they let the power go to their head. Well, with Memphis, it doesn’t take long. He knows he’s in charge and he’s happy about it. So how do others take his win? Kevin could care less as he was safe from eviction (will that change?). David probably is the most negative because he knows Memphis hates him. The girls (Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, Nicole F, Dani and Christmas) feel safe as all are in some type of alliance with him. Kaysar and Janelle feel safe because he’s old school like they are. Ian is scared but that’s another story entirely.

Have Nots

This year the “Have Nots” are going to be chosen differently. Instead of the HoH nominating or the finishing of a comp determining, the previous week’s Have Nots will name their replacement. The list goes like this:

Memphis picked David. Memphis feels like this will cause David to break. Well, we all know that he wasn’t in the house long enough the last time to experience it.

Ian picked Nicole F. who actually looked like she volunteered. Of course, it could be because of her alliance with Ian.

Nicole A. picked Christmas. I don’t really remember a reasoning for this but I think Nicole A is a little intimidated by Christmas.

Kevin picked Kaysar. Again, I didn’t get a reason for this choice.

Pre-Safety Suite and Safety Suite

Cody and Memphis has a quick meeting trying to decide who goes up. Memphis really wants Ian and David on the block but Nicole A. and Kaysar are also mentioned. You can really see that Memphis is enjoying his power in this meeting. He’s in control and not Cody. Meanwhile Da’Vonne, Bayleigh, Kevin and Dani are talking about their childhood. Both Bayleigh and Da’Vonne were raised being told what to expect. Da’Vonne tells us in the meeting that that is not what she wants for her daughter. In the Diary Room, she cries and is very emotional when explaining what it was like and why today matters. And no, there was no mention of Black Life Matters. This was done in a very emotional personal way. I admire Da’Vonne and Bayleigh for being so open.

As time draws near for the Safety Suite to open, Memphis decides that he wants everyone to play. His alliance needs to play to prove their loyalty. The added bonus for Memphis is that the more that play now means the less he has to compete against next week. He talks to everyone and tells them that they need to play. in fact he pushes Nicole A. so far that she tells the Diary Room that she’s not going to do it. I will say Nicole A. realizes that it may be the very thing that sends her home.

After planting the “command” (yes, that’s what it was), for everyone to play, he does get his wish (at least partly). The first to hit the door early was David who somehow knows that it is the only way to keep himself safe. He’s followed by Ian, Christmas, Kevin, Cody, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne. Here’s the thing. Cody is Memphis’ co-conspirator (in fact Tyler refused to play when asked by Cody). Why did Cody play? Ian knows that Memphis doesn’t like him. Christmas, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne are in some form of an alliance with him. Does this mean alliances are falling? More on that later.

This week’s Safety Suite isn’t drinking vile concoctions like I thought but serving two tables. The problem: the tables wobble and lose the drinks if not placed correctly. Each “drink” is wood and weighs a different amount so figuring out the weight will be important. If the table drops the drinks, you must start that table over again. All play and seem to have trouble but the times are surprising. Christmas wins the competition with a score of one minutes, thirty-eight second. Da’Vonne had the worse time at eight minutes, forty-one seconds. What’s so funny is that Da’Vonne thought she won. Christmas, who was worried about Ian’s nervousness, had promised before the competition to keep him safe if she won. Christmas follows through and names Ian as her partner. Both cannot be nominated.

Memphis Power and His Displeasure

If anyone knows me, I often draw from history. In this case, I’ll just say that Memphis acts like Henry VII or Henry VIII. He calls Christmas in for an audience == I mean meeting. She thinks it’s to celebrate but it isn’t. Memphis doesn’t waste any time with telling her that he’s not happy with her pick.

Now for the reason Memphis is upset over Ian being safe. It seems Memphis came into the house with the decision made that he would get revenge on Ian for Dan Gheesling. I’m not exactly following his logic on this because of what Dan did to him. The year Dan and Memphis played opposite each other, they became friends. The friendship didn’t end when Dan beat Memphis. The next time Dan played, Ian beat him. Memphis is in the Big Brother house looking for revenge for Dan???? Come on Memphis this is a game. Memphis has vowed to take Ian out during his next HoH (if he doesn’t come up with a way to do this sooner).

Nomination Ceremony

Memphis doesn’t really surprise us. He does play cat and mouse with David. His first nomination is Nicole A. Why did he nominate BB’s sweetheart? She didn’t play the Safety Suite. David is the second nominee and Memphis talked so low I didn’t really get the reason. I think it was because he wanted David to have the entire BB experience. David expected it and said at the end in Diary Room that the game was was on. Nicole A. cried in the house and Diary Room

Missing from the Episode

Tonight, Nicole F., Tyler, Enzo, Janelle and Kaysar were amazingly quiet. I can’t believe they didn’t do anything from Thursday night until Saturday. They were all in the background or talking to someone else.

Live Feed Developments

First, they have played the Power of Veto but I will not spoil that for anyone. It will be Wednesday night’s show and is up on several different sites. What I’ve read and seen is that the alliances are breaking down and suspicions are happening. Bayleigh and Da’Vonne have approached Tyler with an alliance yet Dani has tried to break it up. Dani let slip to Da’Vonne that she’s in an alliance with Memphis. Remember Memphis and Cody have an alliance with Tyler, Dani, Nicole F., Christmas and Cody. Yet, he made a side alliance with Cody, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne. Plus Nicole F is feeling left out in the cold. At least she didn’t cry tonight.

I’ll be back on Wednesday. Show will air at 8:00 PM (Eastern).

Read more of Linda's writing on her blog TVChangesBlog.com.

'Big Brother 22' Recap: New Alliances Already And An Eviction (08/13/2020)

14 August, 2020

Big Brother is always live on Thursday nights. Well, tonight, it wasn’t even though Julie said it was. She did come on Twitter later and apologize saying that with Big Brother that’s how she always sees the Thursday show. And she was very actively tweeting. Well, I guess I’ll give her a pass because that is true. It only changes if the producers of Big Brother expects trouble, especially fights and cussing. Also of note, there was no audience this year. When the evictee left, a mask had to be used and social distancing which meant no hug for Julie.

Let’s forget the recap, shall we? Instead, let’s deal with the better action that actually occurred on Twitter and not in the house over the past two days. Twitter heated up between previously contestants (Evel Dick, Derrick, and Dan to name a few) and many verbal punches were thrown. I’m not going to say who won. That’s up to the fan base to decide. I will say we all got surprised in the Big Brother Twitter universe when someone came on with the votes and voting order right before the show began. I wrote them down and as our house guests voted checked off the names. Each was in order. Is there a new mole to take former snitch’s {Vegas’s) place?

The alliances haven’t changed. In fact, we learn tonight that there are now many more. Not all have names. Let’s start the list.

Not only does Tyler seem to have multiple alliances but Cody also does and is using them to protect his “rear” — I mean game. Here is where we stand on the others.

Enzo/Cody alliance — no name that I can tell but: Tyler, Cody, Nic F., and Enzo. If there are others, they haven’t been revealed. Some have been proposed.

New and confirmed Memphis/Cody alliance: Memphis and Cody (The Commission), with Tyler, Dani, and Nicole F.

Kaysar and Janelle with a possible addition of Nicole A.

Bayleigh and Da’Vonne.

New and confirmed: Bayleigh and Tyler.

Ian and Nic F — Previous winners alliance (Million Dollar)

Kevin and Nicole A — Outsiders

New alliance — Cody, Memphis, Da’Vonne and Bayleigh — Cody thinks that will grant safety for him and Memphis while Da’Vonne and Bayleigh plan to use them as a smoke screen

So it looks like to me, Cody and Tyler have the most alliances, Nic F. thinks she is safe with those she is aligned with, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne are working as a strong team. Dani and Christmas are in a safe position as long as someone in their alliance wins while Kaysar and Janelle know what is going on. This leaves David as clueless, Kevin and Nicole A. definitely as the outsiders. If I missed any alliance, please let me know. My real problem is Enzo. He seems to fit with Cody and has an alliance with him but so does Memphis and both are big. So where does Cody really stand? With all! He’s trying to buy safety by aligning with the most players and also being nice to Kevin before the vote.


Nicole — once in Diary Room and once during show in the 8/12 dated Episode

Keesha — once in Diary Room on 8/12 and when she exited the house.

Kayser, Kevin with one each.

Pre-Show and Eviction

So tonight’s filler dealt with basically three things. First, we watch Janelle give Keesha a pep talk which didn’t work. She honestly waited too long to start. Then we watched Cody make alliances right and left. Finally, we see Cody doing a form of vote management. He’s going to have to answer for many things after this.

As the vote starts, David gets called first and all applaud his first opportunity to vote. Remember, last season he was in and out of the house of Big Brother before anyone knew who he really was. All the others followed and the vote was unanimously for Keesha’s eviction. As I said earlier, she left in tears so I’m counting that as one “big” cry.

HoH Contest

All the house guests gather in the back yard. I knew with their dress earlier and then with the staging that it would be a question/answer or true/false game. Sure enough, it was true/false based on a “Big Brother” (read staged) family viewing party. They were to watch two videos and answer questions. The videos were rather stupid/dull/thrown together (you choose the option) and done in a Zoom format. The questions were like who appeared first, what was the background, what hand they used, etc. Memphis won although I have to question whether a couple threw the comp on purpose. He must now nominate two people for eviction but was warned that the “Safety Room” would still be opened this week.

Safety Room

And what is the safety competition this week? Well, it looked like the proverbial tasting contest where they must drink some vile concoctions. It is being called the Bar competition.

The Show’s Ending

Tonight, Julie had a very unusual show ending. It’s like one I’ve never seen her do before. She told us to remember the “Golden Rule” from the New Testament. She quoted: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?” While I appreciate the sentiment, I’ve never seen Julie do this before. Have any of you?

So the next episode will be Sunday at 8:00 PM. Please let me know your opinions on this week’s show.

'Big Brother 22' Recap: Boring...Er...Alliances Begin to Form (08/12/2020)

12 August, 2020

Okay, so I let the cat (not Enzo) out of the bag. Tonight’s episode of Big Brother, to put it mildly, was boring. No big moves, no acknowledgments that slop made people sick, just a few moves and things going as planned. Come on Big Brother crew, make something happened (other than that ! and A). This group is so interesting that I would almost say I’d rather watch paint dry. Tonight was a snoozefest. But let’s get to the action.

The Tears
First up, let’s deal with the cry meter for the show. Guess what! No tears from Nicole F. Tonight Kevin teared up in the Diary Room and maybe during the looking for a partner in the POV period in the bathroom. I’ll only count that as one. Kaysar had tears during his talk with Ian in the Living Room.

The Alliances
None really have names yet but let’s go through them here.

Tyler: Has a final two with almost everyone in the house. They just keep coming up and offer to go to the end with him. In Diary Room we find out that this wasn’t his intention this year. “It just happened.”

Cody has an alliance with Nicole F, Tyler, Memphis, and Enzo. Now, this is interesting as it is so different from the one we are getting on the feeds that Enzo has been promoting which is Enzo, Cody, Tyler, Bayleigh, Da’Vonne, and Dani. Come on guys! Which is it or is it both?

Kaysar and Janelle (and possibly Nicole A). They want to work with Keesha but that seems to be a lost hope now.

Cody and Enzo have a final two.

Ian and Nicole F. — Winner’s final two. Nicole F.’s back up plan.

Da’Vonne and Bayleigh — final two.

Tonight’s Episode
Basically, tonight is nothing more than a filler. Considering no action or disagreements happened in the house, it was really a drag. If live feeders thought the feeds were bad, then this was much worse for them. We had two honest conversations which were shown during the same space of time. The one that most interested me was between Kaysar, Ian, and Nicole A. (one of the briefest scenes we saw for her). In the living room, Ian tells Nicole A. and Kaysar that he is missing the back yard and hammock. To him, the hammock is a safe place to go. Ian suffers from a mild form of autism and he feels that he’s doing this for others like him. Ian, come on boy! Your smart and have a good life, don’t let this bring you down. Kaysar tells him to be who he is and Nicole A. tells him that he is great and she is proud. In the Diary Room, Nicole A. talks about how proud she is of Ian and opening up about his experience. She has encountered this when she worked in a school.

Enzo and Kevin have a talk. This may be the first talk those two have had. Kevin asks about forming an alliance and Enzo shuts that down. So much for empathy here right?

We also find out that Nicole F. has gotten Kaysar and Janelle’s suspicions in overdrive. They don’t trust her and know that Nicole F. doesn’t like/trust Janelle. Later, Enzo sees Ian and Nicole F. talking about their final two mentioned early. Like the true boy scout he is (NOT), he runs upstairs and tells Cody. Enzo would like to put Ian up but as he says later, it’s too early.

The Power Of Veto Game/Ceremony
The players are picked. Cody draws Tyler, Kevin draws the house guest’s choice (Enzo), and Keesha gets Ian. The first Power of Veto has them visiting the BB Farmer’s Market where they play BB Banana Peelathon. They must rock back and forth on giant bananas (no I kid you not). When they reach 90 seconds, they must race and stack “vegetables” into a basket (table). I kid you not! I’ve seen these “vegetables/fruits” in children’s game sets. They have 30 minutes. Time begins and they start. Some quickly build up the 90 seconds others take their time. All have problems with the stacking. Enzo buzzes in with 18 stacked. While Kevin thinks he has 19, he doesn’t buzz in before 90 seconds ends and is disqualified. The rest fail to finish. Great POV right? I hate it when there is no real contest. Enzo celebrates the victory in the Diary Room sounding like a rapper while looking like an idiot. Side note: Twitter fans were mad because it looked with Enzo knocked Keesha’s over during the competition with an elbow. If he did, and I’m not sure because I didn’t see the elbow, I’ll call poor sportsmanship.

Kevin did make a pitch to Enzo to use the Power of Veto on him. If Keesha did, it wasn’t shown. In the end, after talking to Cody, Enzo decides not to use the Power of Veto because “it’s too soon.” You know, I can remember this coming back to bite someone years ago.

Take-Aways from the Live Feeds and Tonight’s Show
Good thing! Nicole F. didn’t cry during the show in the Diary Room or on screen. That may be due to the fact she got little air time.

Bad News — Slop made all the “have nots” sick. If it’s that bad, how will they tell if the players have COVID or slop reactions?

Enzo talked like a teenage thug and acted like a rapper. The good news is that very few “meows meows” were heard.

Tyler understands that he has made too many final two alliances. He just couldn’t stop people asking. He admits it will hurt him later.

The only two winners in the house have a final two. Wonder how long Nicole F. will keep it. Better question: Will Ian find out about her alliance with Cody.

Tune in tomorrow as one Big Brother contestant departs. Right now, it looks to be Keesha but hey, they’ve got 24 hours to change their minds. Of course, with this lack of action in this group, it may be another boring show.

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'Big Brother 22' Recap: So, Are We Good? (08/09/2020)

10 August, 2020

Okay, Big Brother fans! Let me admit, I’ve checked the feeds occasionally and most of what has gone down on the live feeds is just talking to each other and trying to keep one self’s clean. So far, it’s been boring. These people don’t seem to realize that socializing will help your game. You need friends to vote for you or else it will be against you. They’re off in their own little huddles with the same assurances offered every time. The only one really trying to set up alliances is Tyler and he’s making them with all like usual people. By that I mean EVERYONE! Cody seems to have let the power go to his head (as usual with an HoH) and teamed up with Nicole F, or is it Tyler, or is it Memphis, or is it “meow man” Memphis or is it . . . He seems to be listening to Nicole F (I mean Nic) more than anyone else and I bet that she hates having another girl in the house with her name. Oh, and why hasn’t Enzo outgrown the “meow” label. It was cute for all of six weeks the first time around but he is older and should be wiser.

This was your usual filler episode except for the items listed below. I’ll put the big things separate.

  • The “Have Not” room. I mentioned in my last update that it looked like a basement with first and heating pipes. That’s exactly what it looked like when they got in. (Note: Reports out of the house yesterday said that Memphis, Ian and Nicole A are all having issues with the slop. Nicole A. even went to be bed early last night with a bucket beside her.)
  • Nicole F (Nic from now on) has her first cry in the diary room. Not sure why but I think she feels no one likes her especially Da’Vonne. I know she later said to Cody that she’s being trashed on Twitter about pre-gaming. Well, Cody did talk to Derrick who admitted in an interview that he planned to bring a phone in with him. (Sorry I didn’t hear all of this due to a news blurb about the earthquake on my phone.)
  • Nic and Cody talk with Nic suggesting that she will set up an all-girl alliance and report everything back to him. I didn’t hear him say he’d tell her about the all-guy alliance. And since no one seems to be following up on the all-girl alliance (and no one really trusts anyone else), I don’t see this happening.
  • Cody doesn’t like Janelle — she’s too smart. He doesn’t trust Kaysar because he’s too smart. And Cody thinks Tyler should open up more. Duh, Cody, this would give his game away.
  • Memphis wants an alliance with Cody and Nic.
  • Enzo wants Tyler out.
  • NO BIG MULTI-PLAYER ALLIANCE YET. There seem to be some small groups aligning but they don’t seem to last for long (Kaysar, Janelle, Nicole A for example).


Cody calls a meeting and hands out VIP passes. Each week, players can enter the Safety Suite and play for safety. This allows them to remain free of the noms during the “Nomination Ceremony.” Once they use their VIP pass, they can not play for safety again. They will be called and the time will set on the screen. They are given one hour to decide whether or not to use their VIP pass to play the game. If they win, they get to name one person who will also be safe but must take a punishment.

The announcement is made, but no one makes a move. The reason: no one wants to look nervous about their fear of nomination. As the time almost runs out, Kaysar and Janelle (Cody’s unofficial, unspoken noms) decide to play. The game is “Don’t Miss a Beat” and they each will enter the room alone. The room is spacious and set up like a DJ center. They must listen to the tune then play it back with the buttons given. They each will hear the tune, hit each button to see where it corresponds and then remember the location to play the song back. It’s not easy (think the childhood game Simon on steroids), but Kaysar and Janelle won’t let it ‘beat’ them. When Cody reveals the time, Kaysar did it in 7:55 while it took Janelle 16:36. He earns the safety and must immediately name the person he will keep safe with him. Kaysar, seemingly knowing that both he and Janelle are at risk, give her the other safety. Poor Cody is left with no nominees. Janelle’s punishment is a “star” costume. Considering Nic’s record with these, I know she is hating this.


Cody must now make a change to his nominees and he’s not happy. He talks it through with Nic and then gets a visit from Kevin who seems to be acknowledging that he hasn’t had any “social game” with Cody. Kevin goofs up big here and plays on emotion which Cody admits in the Diary Room that he doesn’t like.

The noms are in and it is Keesha and Kevin. The reason: no relationship has developed and nothing personal. Kaysar celebrates in the Diary Room the foiling of Cody’s plan. Just how much does he know?

For the Rest of the Week

Power of Veto is played — I haven’t confirmed who won and would not include it here for spoiler free people.

Will we get a big alliance this week?

How will Keesha and Kevin react toward Cody and his noms?

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'Big Brother' - 08/05/2020 (Photo Gallery)

08 August, 2020

On the live broadcast of the 22nd season premiere of Big Brother, the All-Star cast is revealed as they move into the house, during the two-hour live event. (All photos courtesy CBS, 2020)

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