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Amazon Will Remove HBO From Amazon Channels In 2021

20 November, 2020

When Amazon and WarnerMedia recently came to an agreement to place HBO Max on Amazon Fire devices, there was much speculation about what the terms of the deal might be and what each side got out of the deal.

We received one indication today, when CNBC reported that HBO will no longer be available as an Amazon Channel after their current placement deal expires next year:

Today, HBO’s presence in the Amazon Channels store lets users watch regular HBO programming within the Amazon Fire TV user interface, making it easy for consumers to subscribe and sign up. But this placement was a major sticking point in the negotiations to get HBO Max, the company’s separate streaming service, on to the Amazon Fire TV platform, according to the people, who asked not to be named because the deal terms are private.

Consumers who purchased HBO through Amazon Channels will be able to log in to HBO Max for no extra charge through the HBO Max application. Legacy HBO will remain in the Channels store until its agreement -- which is separate from the HBO Max deal -- expires next year.

This agreement is important to WarnerMedia, because while some customers find it easier to access HBO through the Amazon Video interface, that method doesn't give WarnerMedia direct access to subscriber and behavioral data.