Editor's Pick: Friday, February 26th, 2021 - 'Gold Rush' Military Special

Post by: Rick Ellis 26 February, 2021

When it comes to non-scripted television, there are few franchises more reliable than Discovery's Gold Rush. It's not just that the main show has been cranking out fascinating seasons since sometime back in the 1970s (not really, but it seems that way). But the primary Gold Rush series has also spun-off a number of related specials and stand-alone series, including the current Discovery+ original Freddy Dodge's Mine Rescue.

Tonight, Discovery has a Gold Rush special that focuses on the all-military veteran team that mine boss Fred Lewis assembled. During the episode, fans will learn about their war injuries, paths to recover and how they got into gold mining. It also reveals that crewmember Kyle Pletzke is one of the nation’s many homeless veterans. The crew hasn't had a great season to far, as they've been struggling to get to the gold in the midst of so many setbacks.

Below, you'll find a clip giving you a bit of background about Fred Lewis and his efforts and honestly, it's pretty inspirational.

One note for people who want to specifically watch this special. Most listings I've seen (including the ones at Hulu and Philo) only give you the option of recording the entire 3+ hour Gold Rush block tonight in one piece. Which I suppose makes sense for fans, but if you want to specifically watch the special and you regularly record the series, you'll have to fast-forward through the two-hour Gold Rush episode to get to it.

Gold Rush airs tonight at 8 PM ET/PT on Discovery, followed by the military Gold Rush special at 10 PM ET/PT on Discovery. Fans can also binge all previous seasons of Gold Rush on discovery+.


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