Show Guide: 'Easter Basket Challenge'

Post by: 21 February, 2021

Synopsis: In a whimsical world of Easter treats, host Sunny Anderson challenges seven talented bakers to make tasty and imaginative holiday masterpieces inspired by nostalgic Easter candy and outrageous Easter themes. Chefs Jordan Andino and Claudia Sandoval judge each round of competition, sending the best bakers hopping on their way to victory while one competitor goes home. In the end, only one baker will claim the Bunny Money grand prize: a golden Easter egg filled with $25,000! (Courtesy Food, 2021)

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Season One Episode Guide (Food)
1-01 Pop Goes The Bunny--03/01/2021
The Easter Bunny takes center stage as host Sunny Anderson welcomes seven bakers to the competition. They attempt to wow the judges, Chefs Jordan Andino and Claudia Sandoval, with their jelly bean-inspired pop art pastry tarts and oversized confections worthy of hanging in an art museum.

1-02 Which Bunny Wore It Best?--03/08/2021
Host Sunny Anderson challenges the six remaining bakers to rock the runway with their Easter candy-inspired takes on fashion trends. Judges Jordan Andino and Claudia Sandoval watch as the competitors strut down a craveworthy catwalk with some of the best-looking and even better-tasting Easter bonnets ever seen on parade.

1-03 Peeps On Parade--03/15/2021
The Easter classic Peep takes center stage when host Sunny Anderson asks the five remaining bakers to make a trio of whoopie pies. Judges Jordan Andino and Claudia Sandoval watch as the competitors pay tribute to the colorful marshmallow confections with an edible Easter parade float covered in what else ... Peeps!

1-04 Through The Milkshake Glass--03/22/2021
Host Sunny Anderson challenges the four Easter-crazed bakers to get their shake on using flavors inspired by a fun game of Bunny Pong. Then they take a dive down the rabbit hole and create topsy-turvy cakes that defy gravity and hopefully impress judges Jordan Andino and Claudia Sandoval.

1-05 Bunny And Sunny's Egg-Celent Adventure--03/29/2021
In the finale, host Sunny Anderson tasks the three remaining crafty bakers with the ultimate challenge: creating a 3-foot-tall panoramic Easter egg! There will be lots of cotton tails and a few Easter fails as the finalists work their Easter magic and judges Jordan Andino and Claudia Sandoval decide who takes home the golden egg filled with $25,000.

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